[Ebook] ↠ Black Moon Author Robert Buckner – Moi-sosedi.info

Black Moon Cold Air Nipped At The Back Of Jake S Neck As He Sat In The Wagon Bed That Morning His Master Had Demanded His Mother Cut Off His Long Hair, Saying He Looked Like A Girl With His Black Curls Jake Still Felt The Fear Mixed With Excitement When His Master Told Him That Because Lucas Had Gone To Scutter S Plantation, He Wanted Jake To Come To Town And Help With The Provisions You Re Thirteen And Strong Enough To Load Supplies, His Master Had Said And You Re Still Winter White This Trip Marked The First Time He Had Been Allowed To Leave The Farm As A Slave He Wasn T Sure How To Act In Town, And He Was Afraid To Question His Master He D Asked Lucas To Tell Him How To Behave Lucas Said To Walk In The Gutter And Not Look A White Man In The Eyes But Lucas Was Dimwitted, And Jake Figured There Was To Worry Over.Jake S Eyes Opened, And He Felt His Jaw Drop When Their Wagon Entered Henderson Buildings Lined The Street, And He Smelled Meat Cooking Men And Women Strolled Along Sidewalks He Crouched Down, Afraid He Might Forget And Look Someone In The Eyes.His Master Reined In The Rig, And Jake Sneaked A Peek He Recognized Bushel Baskets Of Onions, Walnuts, Potatoes, And Dried Corn Sitting On The Porch Of A Wooden Structure Two Men Sat In Rocking Chairs On The Deck, Spitting Tobacco Juice Into The Street.George Dismounted And Strolled Toward The Entrance Come On, Jake.

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