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Anal Awakening Kristin Is Having A Hard Time Getting Over Her Jerk Of An Ex, So Her Best Friend Stacy Takes Her To See A Psychic To Tell Her How Much Better Her Future Will Be Kristin Is Skeptical, But When She Sits Down For Her Reading, She Realizes The Psychic Really Does Have A Supernatural Gift Not Only Can He Tell Kristin Her Future, He Offers To Help Awaken Her Sexuality And Give Her Pleasure She S Never Experienced Before Will She Let Him Try Out Things She Previously Thought Too Taboo This 4000 Word Story Is For Adults Only It Contains Fingering, First Time Anal Sex, Spanking And A Psychic Reading Too Hot To Handle

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About the Author: Kylie Ashcroft

Kylie Ashcroft spends her days in a stuffy office, but lets her imagination run wild at night when she writes steamy, sexy stories She enjoys stories that combine humor, hot sex and elements of sci fi, fantasy and the paranormal.