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Sleeping Coconuts Peter Looked Up And Saw The First Of Three Consecutive Waves, Each Over Thirty Feet High, Throwing Up A Huge Cloud Of Mist As It Enveloped A Friend S House And Threw It Into The Lagoon Like A Piece Of Driftwood He Then Turned Toward His Own Neighborhood In Time To Witness The Massive Wave Breaking, Completely Submerging Houses, Tall Coconut Trees, Everything As It Rushed Toward Their Defenseless Canoe, He Watched The Wave Pluck His Own House From The Ground Like A Blade Of Grass, And Sweep It High, Carrying It On Its Peak.In The Late 1980s, John And Bonnie Nystrom Came Alongside Pastor Peter And Several Other Men From Arop Village In Papua New Guinea To Translate The Bible Into The Local Language Now, While Visiting Another Part Of The Country Just Ten Years Later, John And Bonnie Learned That Tragedy Had Struck Arop Village, Causing A Massive Loss Of Life.What Had Happened Were Their Neighbors Okay What About The Members Of The Bible Translation Team Was This The End Of Bible Translation For Arop In Sleeping Coconuts, John And Bonnie Nystrom Share Their Story Of Tragedy, Teamwork And Transformation, And The Incredible Way That God Used A Tsunami To Change The Face Of Bible Translation In Papua New Guinea For Over Twenty Five Years, John And Bonnie Have Served With Wycliffe Bible Translators As Linguists For Various Language Groups In Papua New Guinea They Continue To Work On Projects From Their Home In Florida, Making Periodic Trips To Papua New Guinea To Work With The Bible Translation Teams Face To Face.

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    While a family of translators is on sabbatical in the states, a tsunami consisting of three gigantic waves hits the village they called home With the devastation leaving the town flattened and those left alive expose

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    The gripping and well told story of a breakthrough Bible translation project in Papua New Guinea Well worth a read

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    InterestingEnjoyable and fun understanding how other languages express emotion I was inspired by how the author connected all the miraculous dots.

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    In one sense, this book is a standard missionary tale, the story of John Bonnie Nystrom, who came to the Arop people in Papua New Guinea to translate the Bible into the Arop s heart language In another sense, the Nystrom s are supporting characte

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    I am also a missionary with Wycliffe Bible Translators have attended some of those computer conferences he mentions, and have talked with John Nystrom personally For that reason, I m not giving a rating on this book.Overall, I found the book informative ab

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    I loved this book by a Wycliffe couple who work in Papua New Guinea They were able to use technology to significantly speed up the work of Bible translation It sure makes me appreciate how blessed we are to h...

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    The author is a Christian missionary first, professional linguist translator second, and book author third at least So long as we keep this in mind, the book is an excellently well told firsthand account of events and perspectives related to ...

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    Excellent missionary book about Wycliffe work in PNG I was fascinated and loved the book Excellent not only about the work but also their own private lives, about the tsunami and the effect on the work It was just so interesting.i highly recommend this book Loved it I so would love to

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    The authors provided wayinformation than I really wanted to know about the process of language translation How God worked after the tsunami in the lives of the Wycliffe workers and the people in New Guinea was the heart of the story The authors could have summ...

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    I read into the night and had to force myself to put the book down and go to sleep This is the best book I ve read in quite a while It s gripping, challenging, and uplifting, and satisfied me like a good solid meal when I m hungry.

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