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Dark Entry The Terror Is BackSandy Lawrence Flees New York City, Deserting Her Coke Addicted, Abusive Boyfriend Kevin She Finds Refuge At Her Friend S Home Nestled In The Woods Atop Coltsfoot Mountain In Connecticut The House Stands Alone Except For Old Cellar Holes From The Th Century Ghost Town Called Dudleytown, Formerly Inhabited By Charcoal Makers The Isolation And The Deep, Dark Woods Surrounding The House Relax Her, But There Is Something Sinister Living In The Woods As A Vindictive Kevin Searches For Her, Sandy Meets Nathan Bishop, A Descendant Of One Of The Original Dudleytown Settlers He Tells Her About The Curse That Had Been Visited Upon Dudleytown By The Spirit Of A Murdered Indian Sachem, Resulting In Murders, Suicides, Indian Massacres, Shootings, And Other Forms Of Mayhem Inflicted Upon The Villagers What They Are Both About To Discover Is That The Curse Has Returned For ThemBased On The True Life Story Of Dudleytown, Dark Entry Is An Engrossing And Chilling Tale That Will Have You Reading With The Lights On

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    This was a very creepy book and the suspenseful ghostly atmosphere just wraps itself around you Coltsfoot Mountain, Connecticut harbors a secret older than time and only the people of the mountain area know the horror that lurks there Sandy Lawrence needs to get far away from h

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    I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review So, here s the good, the bad and the ugly of my thoughtsFirst of all, this book is about a historical coal burning village known as Dudleytown There is much gossip and speculation about this village, located high upon a mo

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    This was a quick read, that begins with a horrifying act in the 18th century before our unsuspecting main character heads to a house in these cursed woods to clear her head after an upsetting break up Sandy doesn t know the stories of the spirit eater that haunts these grounds, an evil ghost that

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    Starting off a reading month with well if not outright a dud, then something dudish Thought it would be fun to read something dark and supernatural on a weird cloudy day, alas this one offered no joy It s a very much by the numbers supernatural thriller middle of nowhere location, check, a ravishing damsel

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    Rated 5 out of 5 stars by reviewer Iris Chacon An advance review copy was provided by the publisher without obligation of any kind This review reflects the honest and voluntary opinion of Iris Chacon.Are you looking for a captivating, imaginative, literally haunting story Then, you ll find John Kachuba s DARK ENTRY i

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    Well we certainly have all the basic ingredients of a good supernatural horror tale here what with the house located in dark woods at the end of a twisty turning private road, a New England setting, the previous owner s suicide, the sudden violent deaths over the years of those who have lived in the mountainous vicinity, the o

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    Boy, this was a weird book, but enjoyable The story is based on the true life story of Dudleytown, certainly not one if you spook easily.Sandy leaves her abusive boyfriend Kevin, to have some time out and move forward with him not in her life Her friend Leslie has a family home in the woods atop Coltsfoot Mountain in Connecticut The mou

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    The Mounting Suspense Kept Me Turning Pages Like CrazyThere s a lot packed into this book, but it all fit together and flowed well The author shows considerable skill in grounding the paranormal in a setting that s naturally both beautiful and disturbing The climax was wonderfully horrible I really liked it and hope to seeof the surviving charact

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    The Dark Entry was a very interesting and intriguing read The characters were well fleshed out and the setting was Amazingly atmospheric The blending of past and present was interesting but at times hard to follow the mystery, atmosphere and just overall feel of this book gave me definite Stephen King vibes overall a fun dark and quick read Well done John

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    This was a little slow going book at first There s a good many point of views that can get you confused if u don5 keep up But other than that I say I would readfrom this Aurthor Scary story with twists.

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