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Dark Entry The Terror Is Back.Sandy Lawrence Flees New York City, Deserting Her Coke Addicted, Abusive Boyfriend Kevin She Finds Refuge At Her Friend S Home Nestled In The Woods Atop Coltsfoot Mountain In Connecticut The House Stands Alone Except For Old Cellar Holes From The 18th Century Ghost Town Called Dudleytown, Formerly Inhabited By Charcoal Makers The Isolation And The Deep, Dark Woods Surrounding The House Relax Her, But There Is Something Sinister Living In The Woods As A Vindictive Kevin Searches For Her, Sandy Meets Nathan Bishop, A Descendant Of One Of The Original Dudleytown Settlers He Tells Her About The Curse That Had Been Visited Upon Dudleytown By The Spirit Of A Murdered Indian Sachem, Resulting In Murders, Suicides, Indian Massacres, Shootings, And Other Forms Of Mayhem Inflicted Upon The Villagers What They Are Both About To Discover Is That The Curse Has Returned For Them.Based On The True Life Story Of Dudleytown, Dark Entry Is An Engrossing And Chilling Tale That Will Have You Reading With The Lights On.

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I think this was an excellent ghost story I got so wrapped up in the story, that I felt like I was actually there on the mountain I was surprised when sweet boy snuck up on Sandy and he turned out t

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    This was one of those books I took a chance on and I can t say I was sorry I did, but there are some things about this book that were a put off To start with, I was impressed with the historical aspects as well as the way that the legends of a real place were woven into the work The char

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    The author of this book, John B Kachuba, has written a number of travel books related to ghost hunting in various states After reading Dark Entry, I think he should spendtime on his fiction The book was quite good.Kachuba, draws on his knowledge of ghost hunting lore to build a story around the al

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    The book had a good basis You had your evil, your heron and hero You had your Indian legend But for me, the book just did not bring it The first half of the book lagged and could not keep my attention The second half perked up and gave me hopes but did not follow through It was a trip down a well walked tra

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    Having grown up and spent my entire life in the area, I couldn t help but want to read a story about Dudleytown I made those daring teenage coming of age treks up there, and the Author described the area and the general eerie quietness of those woods perfectly I enjoyed the story ...

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    I noticed the rating on this book was only 3 1 2 stars, but I guess you have to be a believer in the hereafter to enjoy a book like this I am I am a follower of Ghost Hunters and shows like that so this book was easy for me to read Just my opinion, but I sure hope there is something after this.

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    Different take on a ghost story, with everyone s point of view There was a weird relationship between two characters that was never explained and it would have been nice to have it explained Not bad for a freebie.

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    Anfree give away by a self published author The characters and the dialogue were pretty flat, so 3 stars may be a bit overly generous, but the idea behind the story was interesting enough to make me want to throw some encouragement to the author.

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    FantasticI liked this book very much, story had me wanting , couldn t put it down Was a love story and ghost story in one Spirit Eater Wonderful

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    If you re looking for a good thriller, this probably isn t it I thought it was predictable, even though there was one surprise, with a Hollywood ending.

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