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The Billionaire's Daughter A lot of bang for the buck It s not an original idea but it s written so well it doesn t matter Dante is a dream and I started to feel quite sorry for Emily, the epitome of the poor little rich girl Like the other Maggie carpenter books, there s lots of steamy, creative sex and corrective erotic spanking Highly recommend The best Maggie Carpenter yet You will love this story and devour the bedroom scenes The book was good but missing something Kate was a spoiled princess who needed to be taught the value of everything Dante taught her that but I missed the love occasion between them The ending seemed out of place. Kate s had a crush on Dante for years and now she s got his attention Kate isn t really bad but she doesn t seem to have control or direction Dante isthen willing to step in and lend a hand to the situation. Stereotypical rich spoilt girl gets put in her place and rewired by sexy Dom Well put together. Kate Had It All At Least, She Thought She Did Little Did She Know Her Billionaire Father, Bill Hollister, Was Running Out Of Patience And Ready To Make Some Significant Financial Changes In Her Life Then, Fate In The Form Of Dante Giovanni Intervenes A Lifetime Family Friend, A Young Man Mentored By Her Father, A Boy She D Had A Secret Crush On For Many Years, Dante Literally Walks Back Into Her Life Bill Gives Him Hours To Talk To Kate To Help Her See The Error Of Her Ways With Blazing Blue Eyes And A Steely, Quiet Confidence, Dante S Conversations Require She Listen While Across His Lap A Position That Shocks And Stuns Her But Not Nearly As Much As The Manner In Which His Hot, Blistering Hands Convinces Her To See Things His Way She Soon Learns Temper Tantrums And Disrespect Means Only One Thing Discipline And Correction And A Very Sore BottomThe Billionaire S Daughter, Full Of Steamy, Scandalous Sex, Blindfolds, Bondage And Spanking, Makes For A Seriously Stimulating Late Night Pager TurnerBook Length Chapters , Words

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