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Alone in America: The Stories That Matter Robert A Ferguson Investigates The Nature Of Loneliness In American Fiction, From Its Mythological Beginnings In Rip Van Winkle To The Postmodern Terrors Of At Issue Is The Dark Side Of A Trumpeted American Individualism The Theme Is A Vital One Because A Greater Percentage Of People Live Alone Today Than At Any Other Time In US HistoryThe Many Isolated Characters In American Fiction, Ferguson Says, Appeal To Us Through Inward Claims Of Identity When Pitted Against The Social Priorities Of A Consensual Culture They Indicate How We Might Talk To Ourselves When The Same Pressures Come Our Way In Fiction, Visibly Than In Life, Defining Moments Turn On The Clarity Of An Inner Conversation Alone In America Tests The Inner Conversations That Work And Sometimes Fail It Examines The Typical Elements And Moments That Force Us Toward A Solitary State Failure, Betrayal, Change, Defeat, Breakdown, Fear, Difference, Age, And Loss In Their Ascending Power Over Us It Underlines The Evolving Answers That Famous Figures In Literature Have Given In Response Figures Like Mark Twain S Huck Finn And Toni Morrison S Sethe And Paul D Or Louisa May Alcott S Jo March And Marilynne Robinson S John Ames, Carve Out Their Own Possibilities Against Ruthless Situations That Hold Them In Place Instead Of Trusting To Often Superficial Social Remedies, Or Taking Thin Sustenance From The Philosophy Of Self Reliance, Ferguson Says We Can Learn From Our Fiction How To Live Alone Some nice chapters on Bellow and Delillo toward the end. If I had this book before I wrote Making Friends, Making Disciples, I would have definitely quoted from it in chapter one, on loneliness Many good and compelling insights, reviewing great literature. Does nobody here know Rip Van Winkle

About the Author: Robert A. Ferguson

George Edward Woodberry Professor in Law, Literature, and Criticism, Columbia Law School

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