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I Made My Boy Out of Poetry I MADE MY BOY OUT OF POETRY Is A Powerful Literary Vision Of Rare Scope, Beauty And Emotional Intensity Composed Of Stories And Poems That Flow In And Out Of Each Other Like The Most Lucid And Articulate Of Dreams These Are Portraits And Studies Of Individual Souls Attempting To Make Peace With An Awareness Of Themselves As Beings Spiritual Than Material In A World Given Largely To The Latter This Book Offers An Amazing Journey Through The Heart And Soul Of A Modern Seeker Of Visions

About the Author: Aberjhani

Long time advocate of principles and programs associated with PEN American Center and the Academy of American Poets My newest books are Dreams of the Immortal City Savannah, Songs from the Black Skylark zPed Music Player, Journey through the Power of the Rainbow Quotations from a Life Made Out of Poetry, Visions of a Skylark Dressed in Black and THE RIVER OF WINGED DREAMS In addition,the year 2018 marks the 10th anniversary of ELEMENTAL The Power of Illuminated Love with the artist Luther E Vann My work as a visual artist can be found at I m currently working on several important projects, including a second edition of The American Poet Who Went Home Again In addition, I have had the honor of serving as an editor for the Civil War Savannah Book Series published in commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the American Civil War The first title in the series is Savannah Immortal City published February 1, 2011 and the second is Brokers Bankers and Bay Lane Inside the Savannah Slave Trade.I don t recall a time since adolescence when I have not been involved in a deep relationship with writing, reading, and other forms of creative expression, which is why I remained so deeply involved with Creative Thinkers International for many years.In addition to the honor of being a Goodreads author, I m an advocate of initiatives sponsored by PEN America, the American Academy of Poets, Authors on Google , and other verb oriented communities.Prior to joining any of the above, I was born in Savannah, Georgia, eventually left to attend colleges around the country, and served in the U.S Air Force for 8 years total I lucked out and got so furiously inspired in the course of producing some of my work that folks were kind enough to give me awards for it These include the CONNECT SAVANNAH 2006 Readers Poll for Best Poet and Spoken Word Artist the Choice Academic Title Award for Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance, co authored by Sandra L West the Thomas Jefferson Journalism Award and the Freedom Foundation essay competition bronze medal The year 2007 marked my 10th publishing works in ESSENCE Magazine I m particularly happy about the fact that my Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance was listed by Black Issues Book Review as one of its essential reference books for the home library.

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