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Liberty Girl Set During The Last Year Of World War I In Balti, Maryland Author Black Has Created The Novel Out Of His Grandmother S Memories Of Growing Up There In An Environment Of War Hysteria, The Great Influenza Pandemic, And The Racial Divides Of Balti, Seventh Grader, Eleanor Blizzard, Attempts To Make Friends And To Do What She Knows To Be RightBefore The Great War Was Really Over, An Erroneous French Report Of Armistice Spread Worldwide Over The Wire Services Historically Accurate, Liberty Girl Captures The Glorious Moment And Its Jubilation That The Peace Announcement Brought Too, The Novel Explores The Empty Feeling In The Hearts And Minds Of The Neighborhood As The Mistake Came To Light The Spanish Influenza Epidemic Also Involves The Characters In Varying Degrees Of Difficulty

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About the Author: Robert A. Black

A long time ago well, in the 1980s I was a college student who landed a job writing for Nickelodeon s hit children s TV show, You Can t Do That On Television Today, I still write for the same age group, but with a lot less green slime.Recently, I ve developed a new style I call Mathematical Fiction, which uses storytelling to demonstrate math concepts Night of the Paranormal Patterns is my first book of this type, withto come I ve also written historical fiction, and at some point in the future I plan to try combining the two genres.