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Unswept Graves Unswept Graves PDF Epub Author Robert A Black Vinoschilenos.eu A Story That Starts In The Present Day In A Small Town About To Celebrate Founders Day The Founders Were Said To Include Young Jasmine S Wu S Great Great Grandparents, Charlie And Hannah Fong Jasmine And Her Friend Oz Get To Find Out The Fongs Story When They Are Suddenly And Magically Transported By Her Ancestors Mysterious Pendant Back In Time To The Chinatown Of San Francisco In The Late 1890s They Find Out That It Was A Dangerous, Brutal Time To Be Chinese, Especially For Young Girls Jasmine Is Kidnapped And Sold Into Slavery Oz Has To Dress As A Boy To Rescue Her And Get Her To The Shelter Of The Mission House They Meet Charlie Fong And Somehow They Have To Make Sure That The Future Happens In The End, The Founders And Ancestors Are Honored As They Should Be And Jasmine Discovers Her Heritage Black S Research Into The Life Of Chinese Immigrants Revealed Shocking Anti Chinese Prejudice In The US At The Time.

About the Author: Robert A. Black

A long time ago well, in the 1980s I was a college student who landed a job writing for Nickelodeon s hit children s TV show, You Can t Do That On Television Today, I still write for the same age group, but with a lot less green slime.Recently, I ve developed a new style I call Mathematical Fiction, which uses storytelling to demonstrate math concepts Night of the Paranormal Patterns is my

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