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The Republic in Crisis, 1848-1861 The Republic In Crisis, Analyzes The Political Climate In The Years Leading Up To The Civil War, Offering For Students And General Readers A Clear, Chronological Account Of The Sectional Conflict And The Beginning Of The Civil War Emerging From The Tumultuous Political Events Of The S And S, The Civil War Was Caused By The Maturing Of The North And South S Separate, Distinctive Forms Of Social Organization And Their Resulting Ideologies John Ashworth Emphasizes Factors Often Overlooked In Explanations Of The War, Including The Resistance Of Slaves In The South And The Growth Of Wage Labor In The North Ashworth Acquaints Readers With Modern Writings On The Period, Providing A New Interpretation Of The American Civil War S Causes

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    There have beenthan 55,000 books and pamphlets written about the Civil War since 1861 Why another The author, in his introduction suggests it s because he has a reinterpretation, proposing that the Civil War was inevitable given the illiberal reactions of the south based on their justifi

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    In Republic in Crisis 1848 1861 historian John Ashworth traces the political, social and economic antecedents to the American Civil War Further, he advances the thesis that slave resistance itself was a principal, but largely overlooked, factor that pushed the nation into war Ashworth s work

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    This was a clearly written account of the reasons the antebellum North and South had opposing world views, and why a free labor system could no longer exist along side a slave labor system It describes how slave labor was a drag on the economy of the nation as a whole, leaving the southern white p

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    A concise and well written account of the coming of the Civil War Ashworth places slavery at the center of the story and argues that the slaves themselves were significant actors in history their resistance actual and anticipated to being slaves drove many of the actions of slaveholders Many Northerner

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    Original thinking, a lot of relevance for today This period saw the collapse of the then existing party structure, which I knew nothing about, and emergence of something new.

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