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When the United States Invaded Russia In A Little Known Episode At The Height Of World War I, President Woodrow Wilson Dispatched Thousands Of American Soldiers To Siberia Carl J Richard Convincingly Shows That Wilson S Original Intent Was To Enable Czechs And Anti Bolshevik Russians To Rebuild The Eastern Front Against The Central Powers But Wilson Continued The Intervention For A Year And A Half After The Armistice In Order To Overthrow The Bolsheviks And To Prevent The Japanese From Absorbing Eastern Siberia As Wilson And The Allies Failed To Formulate A Successful Russian Policy At The Paris Peace Conference, American Doughboys Suffered Great Hardships On The Bleak Plains Of Siberia Richard Argues That Wilson S Siberian Intervention Ironically Strengthened The Bolshevik Regime It Was Intended To Topple Its Tragic Legacy Can Be Found In The Seeds Of World War II Which Began With An Alliance Between Germany And The Soviet Union, The Two Nations Most Aggrieved By Allied Treatment After World War I And In The Cold War, A Forty Five Year Period In Which The World Held Its Collective Breath Over The Possibility Of Nuclear Annihilation One Of The Earliest U.S Counterinsurgency Campaigns Outside The Western Hemisphere, The Siberian Intervention Was A Harbinger Of Policies To Come Richard Notes That It Teaches Invaluable Lessons About The Extreme Difficulties Inherent In Interventions And About The Absolute Need To Secure Widespread Support On The Ground If Such Campaigns Are To Achieve Success, Knowledge That U.S Policymakers Tragically Ignored In Vietnam And Have Later Struggled To Implement In Iraq And Afghanistan.

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    Extremely readable there were huge portions of the book that I was less than enthused about, though When the argument dips into the long term repercussions of the American Intervention, it really starts to stretch thin especially when Richard makes the incredibly tenuous claim that Wilson, by supporting the interventi

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    A concise analysis of America s intervention in Siberia during World War I, an event that few Americans know about But before Iraq, before Afghanistan, and before Vietnam, there was the blunder of this intervention in Russia and Carl J Richard argues it was a major blunder that helped to lead to World War II and the Cold War It

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    This book was about a very interesting and unknown topic to most Americans However, the flow of the book was disjointed and hard to follow, which led me to quit reading it after gettting through about 75% of it.

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    More of a political review the US invasion of Siberia than a history of it.

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