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Teacher's Pet Adam Lucy, A Professional Tutor, Goes From Town To Town Tutoring Problem Children, Especially Rich, Problem Children However, At His Present Location, He Gathers A Small Group Of These Children And Turns Them Against Their Parents, School Teachers And Other Students With His Help, They Destroy A Young Teacher Who Suspects Something And Eventually, They Murder The Valedictorian In A Ritualistic Killing Adam Also Has An Affair With A Young, Married Woman, Who Bears His Child After Adam S Children Commit Their Gruesome Act, He Turns Them Into The Police Himself And Leaves To Go On To Another Village And Start Again Could He Be The Devil

About the Author: Andrew Neiderman

Andrew Neiderman is the author of over 44 thrillers, including six of which have been translated onto film, including the big hit, The Devil s Advocate , a story in which he also wrote a libretto for the music stage adaptation One of his novels, Tender Loving Care, has been adapted into a CD Rom interactive movie Andrew Neiderman became the ghostwriter for V.C Andrews following her death in 1986 He was the screenwriter for Rain, a film based on a series of books under Andrews name Between the novels written under her name and his own, he has published over 100 novels.

10 thoughts on “Teacher's Pet

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    Even B grade Andrew Neiderman is fun to read, and this story about an afterschool tutor who forms a cult of kill crazy kids is exactly the kind of tawdry, racy read I come to him for.

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    Why they labeled this a horror book I ll never know I ve had nightmares better then this It was the worst book I ve read in awhile The story was boring lame and uninteresting pass it up and save your brain cells.

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    Wow I kept reading this because I hoped there would be some kind of reveal at the endbut I was sorely disappointed Why does Mr Lucy do what he does Surprise You re never told A week s worth of lunch breaks wasted on this schlocky garbage.

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    3.5 5 Teacher s Pet , written by Andrew Niederman best known for Devil s Advocate , and first published by Zebra, had so much potential going for it, and despite the overall tone and ominous direction, there were some unnecessary setbacks that besmirched the astonished ending A captivating and charming individual, claiming t

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    I read this sometime as a teenager in the 80 s Probably bought it at B Dalton along with a few Sweet Valley High books I must have like it well enough to keep it around in with my books all these years However, I remember nothing about it except the front cover and that fact that I did read it Unmemorable This bit of fluff is headed

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    Another example of great 80 s B grade horror and suspense Quite linear in terms of plot Overall a good read but I did think that both characters of the married couple Barton and Ellen L were a bit one dimensional and oversimplified given the ordeal Ellen went through.

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    Love these 80 s Zebra Horror books Wouldn t actually call this horror, but still a good read.

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    Do not let the cover, jacket text, and the inside teaser fool you Because they will Naturally, there is no little girl playing with a beach ball imprinted with a skull at any point in the story This was not a huge surprise What was surprising was that the back spoke about the teacher Mr Lucy who was not, in fact, a teacher, but a tutor The rest of the back cop

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    3.5 stars.

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