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Gabriela Mistral: Selected Poems Gabriela Mistral , Chile S Other Great Poet Of The Twentieth Century, Is Little Known Outside The Spanish Speaking World, And Unlike Pablo Neruda Has Not Been Extensively Translated Into English She Deserves Better, Particularly As The First Latin American Recipient Of The Nobel Prize For Literature , And This Selection Of Her Poetry Is Designed To Introduce Her To An English Speaking Public Born Lucila Godoy Alcayaga In The Elqui Valley In The Little North Of Chile, She Became A Schoolteacher At The Age Of Fifteen And Went On To Become An Educator Of International Renown, An Architect Of Educational Reform In Mexico, And A Cultural Administrator At The League Of Nations She Began Publishing Prose And Verse Pieces In Newspapers And Reviews At About The Same Age Four Major Collections Of Her Poems Were Published In Her Lifetime Desolacion Desolation In , Ternura Tenderness In , Tala Felling In , And Lagar Wine Press In , Followed By Poema De Chile Published After Her Death Poems From Each Of These Five Collections Are Included Here The Landscape And People Of Her Native Chile Are A Constant Theme In Her Work, Even Though She Lived Most Of Her Adult Life Away From Chile, Largely As A Consul Unpaid For Many Years In Europe, Brazil, And The USA Where She Died Her Great Love Of Children, Who Were The Main Preoccupation Of Her Life And Whom She Both Understood And Respected Motherhood, And Her Lack Of It Loss Of People She Loved Religious Faith, Tested And At Times Unorthodox, Are Other Abiding Themes Her Language Is Direct, Passionate, Rooted In Local Usage The Whole Of Her Work, In Prose As Well As In Verse, Is A Reflection Of The Absolute Integrity Of Her Life Aris Phillips

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    There was this girl of waxbut she wasn t made of waxshe was a sheaf of wheat standing in the threshing floor.But she was not a sheaf of wheatbut a stiff sunflower

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    A few of my favourite poems from what was a moving and powerful selection focusing mostly on mothers and children.CRADLE SONGThe sea cradlesIts the millions of stars divine.Listening to the seas in love,I cradle the one who is mine.The errant wind in the nightcradles the wheat.Listening to the winds in loveI cradle my sweet.God Our Fathers cradles His thousands of worlds without sound.Feeling his hand in the darkne

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    I hearthe couplet of fatas it grows in the nightlike a dune from Midnight This Chilean poet has been on my radar for a while now, and I actually bought a different book of prose poem translations a while ago, but was never able to really get into it The otheravailable translation is this Selected Poems by Ursula K Le Guin which I do not own yet, but will be seeking out I ve been hearing so many good things about Gabriela Mis

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    While I am not a mother and don t have much maternal feeling , I still found these poems moving Mistral s poems in this collection focused mostly on the pregnancy grief overtakes meat his hidden pressure, and I could die from a singlemotion of this one I can not see.But do not think that only while I carry him, will he beentangled within me When he shall roam free on thehighways, even thoughWhile I am not a mother and don t have much

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    Overall, I preferred Langston Hughes translation though I can t give any examples to show why I did like the accompanying woodcut illustrations by Antonio Frasconi that this volume included.

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    I ve come to realize that my enjoyment of many a classically lauded piece of literature has as much to do with my acumen as my instinctive distaste for many of the themes that such writing has traditionally shut out femininity, motherhood, child rearing, and a host of other topics that have been frequently shunted off to the side of the artificially rendered sphere of influence that is the domestic woman I ve progressed to the point of realizing how nast

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    This selection, the first English translation of Nobel Prize Winner Gabriela Mistral s poetry, includes poems from seven collections Cradle Songs,Poems for Mothers , For the Saddest of Mothers, Grain Divine, Earth and Women, Richness, and Country with No NameFrom Cradle SongsThe night is left lonelyfrom the hills to the sea.But I, who cradle you,I am not lonely The sky is left lonelyshould the moon fall in the sea.But I, who cling to you,I am not lonely The world

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    I did not like the early poetry of Gabriela Mistral, although it is evidently much beloved in Chile Way too overwrought and sentimental for my taste.But in her middle years she found a voice that resonated with me She moves out into the world with ideas and imagery that connect nature and the spiritual with the personal Birds and flowers, water and sky, frame her words and thoughts.This parallels her own journey from local teacher to world traveler and diplomat working for

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    Some reviews for this on GR are for a different edition, and some editions seem to be much different ISBN 0801812569 and 080181197X are both in my edition, by Johns Hopkins Press, the coppery brownish cover This one does have facing page translations, 3 pre faces, and a few illustrations by Frasconi The translator, Dana, explains why translations cannot do the poet justice, and so, since I do not read Spanish, I decided only to skim the book I do quite like The Other which begins I k

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    To get lost in her poetry is to spend time in paradise Dame La Mano, what love poems should be.

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