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A Love Made Out of Nothing & Zohara's Journey With This Volume, Barbara Honigmann Gives Us The Stories Of Two Very Different Women And Their Attempts To Rise From The Ashes Of Their Former LivesThe Narrator Of A Love Made Out Of Nothing Is A Woman Who Leaves Her Life In Berlin To Start Over As A Student In Paris Although She Has Escaped From Her Past Life And Is Finally Living In The City Of Her Dreams, She Finds Herself Isolated And Imprisoned She Discovers That The Life Of An Expatriate Has Its Own Difficulties And Loneliness, And That She Remains Tied To Her Old Existence By Her Complex Relationship With Her Possessive And Manipulative Father, Whose History Of Wandering From City To City And Wife To Wife Has Cast A Long Shadow Over Her Life Zohara S Journey Tells The Story Of Zohara, A Devoutly Religious Sephardic Jew Repatriated To Southern France During The Algerian War Having Wandered From One French City To Another With Her Husband Simon, An Itinerant Rabbi Who Claims To Be The Rabbi Of Singapore, She Wants To Believe That The Family Has Finally Settled In Strasbourg When Simon Returns From A Long Absence And Disappears With Their Six Children In The Struggle To Locate Her Children And Piece Her Life Back Together, Zohara Comes To Question The Man She Thought She Knew, And The Religion That Has Dominated Both Of Their LivesHonigmann S View Encompasses The Universal And Perhaps The Mythical As Well As The Autobiographical And Social In These Two Intimate Novellas, She Communicates In Spare And Elegant Prose The Terror And The Thrill That Come With Starting Over Dense With Imagery And Emotion, These Powerful Novellas Speak Directly To The Nature Of Isolation And, Ultimately, To The Necessity Of Self Reliance

About the Author: Barbara Honigmann

Born 1949 in East Berlin lives in Strasbourg.Foremost known as author Paints since 1976 Emigrated from East Berlin to Strasbourg in 1984 Numerous awards for her literary work Among many others Kleist Prize, Berlin 2000 and Max Frisch Prize by the city of Zurich, 2011 Exhibitions at Galerie Michael Hasenclever, Munich 1992, 1997, 2002 catalogues , Brecht Haus, Berlin 2000, Barbara Honigmann International Conference Literature and Painting at Hebrew University, Jerusalem 2011.Recommended literature Amir Eshel, Yfaat Weiss, Kurz hinter der Wahrheit und dicht neben der L ge Zum Werk Barbara Honigmanns, Munich 2013.

10 thoughts on “A Love Made Out of Nothing & Zohara's Journey

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    I only read A Love Made Out of Nothing and not both stories, but still I really enjoyed it

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    two sad, beautiful novellas a subtle lyricism that reminded sometimes of early handke, sometimes of the edgy desperation portrayed so well by elena ferrante at yet other times what was brought to mind even though honigmann here risks sentiment muchwas sebald s sacred, dry handling of the stories of refugees and immigrants what stands out however is an emotional and graceful prose that embodies outsider and diaspora life, its various defeats and small, bittersweet triumphs.A LOVE M two

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    One time I saw Cake play at an outdoor festival and the singer had a cold and he tried to get a lot of audience participation to cover the fact that he wasn t really there When they finished, I thought, Huh, I wonder what it s like to see Cake play live That s kind of the feeling this novella gave me I only read A Love Made Out of Nothing like she was relating a story someone else told her and she didn t know what to do with all the parts.

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    This was a sad book She loses her father and now she feelslost than she did when she went to paris She feels broken and just wants to feel like she belongs to someone or some place.

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