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The Mulberry Bird: An Adoption Story Mother Bird Is Looking After Her Baby Bird In The Forest, When A Huge Storm Scatters Her Nest Try As She Might, She Just Can T Give Him The Protection He Needs She Faces A Choice Continue To Struggle On Her Own, Or Give Her Precious Baby Bird To Another Family Who Can Care For Him In Their Strong, Secure NestIn This Classic Adoption Picture Book For Children, Common Issues In Adoption Are Addressed From The Enduring Force Of A Birth Parent S Love And Contact Post Adoption To The Importance Of Nurturing An Adopted Child In His Or Her New Environment It Is A Timeless And Enduring Tale Of Sacrifice, Wisdom And LoveThis Book Is Ideal For Reading Aloud With Adopted Children Aged And Their Siblings, Whether At Home Or In School

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    Adoption is messy and complicated, but The Mulberry Bird tells the story of a little bird s adoption with simplicity Refusing to ignore the grief and loss of birth mom and baby, the clear language helps to introduce difficult themes in concise ways with the goal of opening discussion between adoptees and those who love them.The paragraph format adds a bit of len

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    Geared towardof toddler age who is starting to askquestions about being adopted, but still needing a narrative story to put it into context I nice story that address many of the different stages of emotions As an adult, I can tell it was written by someone with a Ph.D., a child will find solace in the similarities to them.

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    I recieved this book for free from Goods reads and it is Such a lovely story, completely moving and has amazing illustrations Truly reccomend

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    A really sweet story with real content embedded in its pages

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    This book would be for older children with it sdetailed and in depth look at adoption and it s longer text blocks The story is mostly written from the perspective of the birth mother and how she comes to decide to place her baby bird with an adoptive family It is quite gut wrenching but that is the truth about adoption It may be the best choice but it doesn t make it the easy choic

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    This is a special story This beautiful story can help all families not just adoptive ones appreciate the love that goes into becoming a family The focus on the birth mother s struggle is very important particularly to our preteen who is asking questions about being given away Readof our review here While you re there, add a link to your review This is a special story This beautiful stor

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    One of the better books addressing adoption The mother bird doesn t want to give up her baby bird and does everything she can do keep him I wish the father bird wasn t absent as that reinforces the stereotype that birth mothers are abandoned rather than present when the decision to place via adoption is made.

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    see review on other edition This is a duplicate entry

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