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Curse of the Minotaur (Mytherotica, #2) Curse Of The Minotaur Mytherotica, 2 Free Download Author Emerald Ice Bandcamptomp3.co.uk When Diana Crown Accidentally Discovers A Secret Passage Under Her Hotel Room, She Is Shocked To Find Herself In The Minotaur S Labyrinth Even Surprising Is The Presence Of Her Mentor And His Assistant Who Have Been Cursed To Reside In The Maze For Thousands Of Years With Only Brief Periods Of Respite Dr Antonio Barbas And Wilson See Diana As Their Only Means Of Escaping The Horrible Maze If She Agrees To Help Them.Will Diana Choose To Save Herself Or Will She Save Them All By Breaking The Curse And Giving Herself Freely To Minotaur Approximately 20,000 WordsWARNING This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content It Is Not Suited For Those Under The Age Of 18 Adult 18

About the Author: Emerald Ice

Emerald Ice is a pseudonym for good girl gone badVERY bad Her naughty imagination creates amazingly vivid dreams which she happily shares with her readers via short stories Monster sex, alien abduction, breeding sex or flat out hot sex, the content of her short stories may surprise you, shock you, and or reach your inner slut or gigolo If you like the genres listed above, you ll love Emerald

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    Loved it I ve read 144 monster erotica stories and this one is definitelyin my top 10 favorites I m not going to give any of the story away but this one does start where the first one left off Its also a good length You get your hot sex but you also get great...

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