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HAIR&GEL Ebook HAIRGEL B.L Lacertae Buyprobolan50.co.uk FOR ADULTS ONLY Strange Things Can Happen On The Night Of The Full Moon Trevor, A Shy, Virginal Werewolf, Tries To Ask His Crush Out For A Dateonly To End Up Falling For Her Charming Assistant Professor Instead And What S , His New Hook Up Is A Slime Boy To Boot One Thing S For Sure He S In For The Ride Of His Life When He Sees What A Body Of Goo Can Do Quirky And Fun, This Story Contains Hot Oral Anal Action, Transformation, And EXCERPT Jaime S Eyes Slowly Followed Down To Trevor S Jeans, And He Slowly Formed A Smirk Do You Have Any Other Pressing Questions Indeed, Trevor Did, And He Couldn T Hide It Oh Fuck, I M Sorry, It S Not My Fault But I Can Mix Things Up A Little If I Want To, Watch, Jaime Continued, Sidestepping Trevor S Apologetics He Reached Out His Hand To Clasp Trevor S, And The Younger Boy Gasped As Jaime Willed It Permeable One Hand Slipped Into The Other And The Interior Of The Slime Boy S Body Felt Even Richer And Nicer Than His Outer Membrane Trevor Shivered At The Sensation As Jaime Went One Step Further Safe To Taste, Too With The Foreign Hand Encased In Him, The Grad Reached Out And Touched The Flustered Werewolf S Lips Right On Cue, Trevor Was Testing Him With His Tongue Jaime Tasted Very Nice, Rather Minty In Fact Was That On Purpose That Train Of Thought Derailed As The Older Boy Melted Himself In Just The Right Spot Trevor S Tongue Slid In And Ran Through All The Way Up Jaime S Arm And Out, Lewdly Trailing A Dripping String Of Jelly As Trevor Drew Back And Fell Upon The Couch It Does Have Its Advantages I M Less Able To Control It If My Mind Is Occupied, Though So I Might As Well Spare These While I M Still Able Jaime Relieved Himself Of His Clothes As Trevor Was Too Busy Catching His Breath To Respond Now, This Form Is What S Most Comfortable For Me, But I Do Have Some Flexibility He Climbed Over Trevor, Who Blushed As He Saw How Truly Anatomically Correct His Humanoid Form Was For Himself And What Special Features Can I Expect From You Trevor Stuttered W Well I.listen, I Kinda Get Really Worked Up When It Happens, So Really Well I Don T Think I Ll Take Issue With That.

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    This second M M erotic short story I read from this author is just as kinky if not than Make It Go Viral.The characters are not human and this implies that their sex is not exactly human in turn writing is good, though, and, despite its shortness, the story does not lack a s...

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    This was a lot different than what I usually read But it was interesting.I don t know if it was just the way the story was written or something else but I just couldn t really get into it The characters didn t seem complete to...

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    Joint review with Amanda at

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