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The Infinite Book: A Short Guide to the Boundless, Timeless and Endless L Infinito Sicuramente La Pi Strana Idea Che Gli Umani Abbiamo Mai Concepito, Un Enigma Che Assilla La Nostra Specie Dalla Notte Dei Tempi Perch , Sottoposto A Qualsiasi Operazione Matematica, L Infinito Resta Infinito Fisici, Astronomi, Matematici, Ma Anche Poeti E Romanzieri Hanno Attraversato I Secoli Affrontando Con La Ragione O Con La Fantasia Queste E Altre Domande, Tentando Risposte E Offrendo Congetture, Senza Mai Scalfire Veramente Il Fascino E L Inesauribile Mistero Di Quella Strana Grandezza, Al Limite Del Concepibile Eppure Intimamente Radicata Nella Mente Umana.In Questo Accattivante E Insolito Saggio John D Barrow Ci Conduce In Un Viaggio Avventuroso Su Questi Impervi Sentieri Alla Ricerca Delle Pi Fantastiche E Geniali Teorie Concepite Da Scienziati, Matematici, Filosofi E Teologi Per Rispondere Alle Infinite Sfide Che Il Concetto Di Infinito Lancia All Intelligenza Umana.

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    As I started studying Calculus and it made me a lot curious about the nature of infinity We take these limits of functions to get the derivation process, we look at area with integration by summing infinitely small pieces under a curve, and then we look at the divergence and convergence of a series with limits to see what these things do at infinity Th

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    Well, the good thing is, I managed to finish this book in a finite amount of time At one point it looked unlikely.Its not a bad book at all in fact its quite good , but its a book written by a mathematician, with the assumption that mortals readily understand the meaning of words like topology and singularity The only places where the book loses its grip i

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    Argomento affascianante ma ostico.Abbastanza semplice e comprensibile la scrittura.Ci sono punti che proprio non capisco, ma complessivamente molto ben scritto.

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    A fantastic book covering the endless scope of infinity This is my first book of John D Barrow and I m looking forward to reading his other books He covers a diverse range of topics related to infinity and the arguments for and against it from both a mathematical sense as well as a physical sense A good book for amateur knowledge gatherers with referenc...

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    Uff, super knjiga Dosta polako se triba citat, ali je jako zanimljiva i sve je lipo obrazlozeno Ako ne sve, onda sam vecinu toga razumila jer je bas citljivo napisano. Zadala mi je novih misli i bacila skroz drugaciji pogled na neke stvari sta je super

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    Barrow is at his best when rooting himself in mathematics and cosmology I was less enthused by the lengthy digressions on time travel and identity.

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    A comprehensive explanation of different paradoxes infinity brings us It may be not a book for scientists, but it surely is for us amateurs of knowledge.

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    An interesting book that defines infinite and explains some mathematic paradoxes Easy to understand for the most part.

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    Review taken from my blog,The Virtuosos.Infinity What is it What is it not Why should anyone care about something so intangible For many people infinity is just a word that they ve been taught means, without bound forever bigger than anything beyond comprehension It s usually associated with mathematics, especially math of a higher order, like Calculus And

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