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Clink Clank Clunk! This tells the story of a rabbit and his friends as his car is starting to break down This book could be very interactive with all the bold words that are used The last sentence is pretty much the same through out the book also so the students could help read along. PDF Epub Clink Clank Clunk Author Miriam Aroner Sioril.co.uk Travel Down The Road With Ten Animal Friends On One Unforgettable Road Trip Rabbit Is Driving To Town In His Car Along The Way, He Picks Up Mole, Squirrel, Porcupine, Possum, Beaver, Crow, Skunk, Fox, And Cow But Boing Boing Ping, Squeak Squeak Squeak, Rumble Rumble Thump Something Goes Wrong With Rabbit S Car Will Rabbit And His Friends Make It To Town Miriam Aroner S Delightful Story Features A Simple, Rhythmic Text, With Plenty Of Sound And Action Words To Make This Book A Perfect One For Reading Aloud. This was a fun book to read There was a rhythm to the rhyming that would be excellent for a read aloud to younger students Onomatopoeias were on every page of the story in big bold letters that helped b A cute and funny fantasy book that is chock full of onomatopoeia that gives Cronin s Click,Clack series real competition A nice picture book supporting a figurative language lesson. Some cute critters, but the story is a bit too formulaic and repetitive. 3.5 A rabbit is heading to town and various friends decide to tag along Will his clink clank clunker make it The pattern and build up is fun, the illustrations are okay, the payoff works, the text poetry is a little disjointed The kids 4 and 2 liked it okay. This is a humorous, fun book which I really liked It is an easy read and would be most appropriate for 1st grade This book contained a lot of dialogue, action and noise words, and rhyming This book is about a group of animals that are driving into town and something keeps going wrong with the car Many sound effects go along with this bo

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