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This book came off as a collection of self promotional blog posts About 1 3 of the book is spent trying to justify its own existence by talking up how you can forget everything you knew about traditional marketing Where traditional marketing seems to consist mainly of running billboard or TV spots with expensive celebrities The book s narrow minded view of marketing really discredits what non growth hackers actually do, while nebulously outlining what growth hackers actually do A positive here is the book can serve as a Basic and vague, yet still relevant At 56 pages, the ebook is worth the minimal time investment This was my 4th Ryan Holiday book, and I m a big fan, although Perennial Seller and Trust Me, I m Lying Confessions of a Media Manipulator were betterMarketing, too many people forget, is not an end unto itself It is simply getting custo I figured I d read the cannon on Holiday so this was next If you don t know what growth hacking means, this is a good intro But if you do, this is a waste of time. The book is fine for a complete beginner But it s quite at rookie level. A Primer On The Future Of PR, Marketing And AdvertisingA New Generation Of Megabrands Like Facebook, Dropbox, Airbnb, And Twitter Haven T Spent A Dime On Traditional Marketing No Press Releases, No TV Commercials, No Billboards Instead, They Rely On A New Strategy Growth Hacking To Reach Many People Despite Modest Marketing Budgets Growth Hackers Have Thrown Out The Old Playbook And Replaced It With Tools That Are Testable, Trackable, And Scalable They Believe That Products And Businesses Should Be Modified Repeatedly Until They Re Primed To Generate Explosive Reactions.Bestselling Author Ryan Holiday, The Acclaimed Marketing Guru For American Apparel And Many Bestselling Authors And Multiplatinum Musicians, Explains The New Rules And Provides Valuable Examples And Case Studies For Aspiring Growth Hackers Whether You Work For A Tiny Start Up Or A Fortune 500 Giant, If You Re Responsible For Building Awareness And Buzz For A Product Or Service, This Is Your Road Map. Fantasy overview of what Growth hacking is, and how to apply it to your company Dives into quick examples of how some of the top companies today applied growth hacker marketing tactics to their business.Points from the book 1 Growth HackingMarketing isn t something you do at the end of a product, it s intertwined in all aspects of the creative process design, engineering, business strategy The days of taking the hollywood approach to marketing launching event, billboards, super bowl ad is over, now large audiences can be reached through creative tactics that can be measured.2 Product Market FitThe days of taking intrinsic guesses around what the customer audience wants is over Now you can launch an idea Minimum viable product MVP and pivot based on customer feedback data till you reach a viable PMF.Company example given in the book Airbnb.3 Finding your Growth Hack You can t expect people to come to you you have pull them in Growth hacking is pulling customers in and you don t need the front page of NYT for that Examine your market, and create tactics to pull them in based on their interests needs Examples given Dropbox free space once you watch the intro video and share on facebook with your friends, or Uber offering free rides at SXSW it s target demo 4 Going ViralVirality is achievable Once you have decided that you will not be payi As a blogger and early Digg superuser I ve had a ringside seat to many growth hacking campaigns and I ve even done a bit of growth hacking myself but the problem with growth hacking is there are countless hacks and a myriad of strategies but little has ever been done to connect the dots Some books have enumerated some of these strategies and others have focused on individual pieces of the growth puzzle but each makes growth hacking appear chaotic and disorganized The truth is that growth hackers do thrive in chaos but, on a personal level, growth hackers at least the ones I ve met are all masters of organization, systems and discipline Ryan explores this dichotomy but, importantly, he effectively distills the important lessons in a clear and concise manner This book should be required reading for every marketing student and MBA but is essential, MUST READ, material for every entrepreneur, bootstrapper Ch a bao gi c c i g v growth hacking c m c d nghe v nh n th y t n y r t nhi u l n v mu n t m hi u t l u Ch bi t growth hacking l c i g li n quan n startup Xong t nh c th y cu n n y b a b t m t l i li n quan t i marketing n n c th Cu n n y vi t d hi u v l m t s kh i u t t v i ng i m i l m quen nh m nh.T c gi nh c nhi u l n trong cu n s ch r ng y kh ng ph i cu n s ch d y c ch l m m l cu n s ch thay i mindset c a nh ng ng i l m marketing truy n th ng Mindset m cu n s ch nh c t i ch nh l growth hacker marketing , c th hi u l nh ng c ch marketing s ng t o v ti t ki m, g n li n v i s n ph m, khi c m t s n ph m ph h p v i th tr ng product market fit V y growth hacker marketing g m nh ng b c th n o B c 1 X y d ng s n ph m th t t t b ng c ch test v s a i s n ph m nhi u l n cho t i khi n th t s ph h p v i m t nh m kh ch h ng nh t nh, ti ng anh g i l achieve product market fit Quan i m c a cu n s ch l m i ho t ng marketing u l v ngh a khi ch a c product market fit.B c 2 X c nh nh m i t ng growth hack, lu n l nh m early adopters , nh ng ng i quan t m n s n ph m m i v kh ng ti c ti n cho vi c th d ng nh ng s n ph m n y Nh m n y sau s gi p c ng ty spread s n ph m.B c 3 Ngh ra c c ho t ng s ng t o t o viral cho s n ph m B c n y th v c ng, nh ng c m t v i v d v hotmail, dropbox, mailbox, gmail kh hay.B c 4 Duy tr m i quan h v i kh ch h ng kh ch h ng quay l i s d Growth Hacking 4 Growth Hacking Ryan Holiday 29. Book Review in 5 sentences 1 First step Figuring out what people really want from your product Because, even if your prototypes are bug free and flawless, they ll fail if there s no actual demand for them 2 Don t target everybody Target early adopters, or those eager to try new things Since most people won t become customers, it would be a massive waste of time and resources to try to reach them 3 Retain your customers Be oriented toward customer retention Centre your marketing efforts around it You ll have to find the right metric to measure performance.4 Reward adoption Reward your users for learning how to use your prod Growth Hacker Marketing

About the Author: Ryan Holiday

Ryan Holiday is media strategist for notorious clients like Tucker Max and Dov Charney After dropping out of college at 19 to apprentice under the strategist Robert Greene, he went on to advise many bestselling authors and multi platinum musicians He is the Director of Marketing at American Apparel, where his work in advertising was internationally known His strategies are used as case studies

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