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A Pair of Docks (Derivatives of Displacement Book 1) First, this is an engaging read that moves along at a fast pace and keep the reader turning pages It is well written and thoroughly edited, and the plot and the world the author creates both hang together well That said, I have a couple of issues with the book.My first problem is not necessarily a flaw the book I share Abbey s discomfort with the idea that witchcraft could be real To put it another way, I don t like suggestions that the laws of math and physics might not hold for everyone in an otherwise real world This means that the whole premise of the book that the stones work because witches made them and witchcraft is real itches me a bit It does the same to Abbey I think that s part of the point of the book she has to figure out how to deal with her loss of her rational defenses But I am bothered by this in a way that purely magical worlds don t bug me, because in a way it feels like denying science.My second issue has to do with Mark, the autistic neighbor It s a matter of labels the book refers to him as having Asperger s Syndrome, but his level of functioning feels to me like actual autism, especially in an adult I don t mind the way Mark is portrayed, I just wish the distinction between autism and Asperger s were a little clearer Aside from those two q I received a free e book edition of this novel in exchange for a review This does not in any way influence my opinion of this book As a bookseller, it is important to me that my reviews are completely honest, as many of my customers have access to my reviews A Pair of Docks is an excellent sci fi read for ages 9 to 99 It is completely appropriate for children, containing no material or language that parents would object to, yet compelling to read as an adult The story is well written, with a great plot and cast of characters I like that the narrator, 14 year old Abbey Sinclair, is a strong young female Indeed, all of the children in the book, including Abbey s autistic neighbor Mark, are described in sufficient detail that I could identify somewhat with each of them It is their personality traits rather than their physical attributes that are so well portrayed For me, this is the most important aspect of a character The adults in the novel are a bit of a mystery to the children, and are therefore equally so to the reade What If You Could See Your Future Fourteen Year Old Abbey Sinclair Likes To Spend Her Afternoons In The Physics Lab Learning About Momentum And Gravitational Pull But Her Practical Scientific Mind Is Put To The Test When Her Older Brother, Simon, Discovers A Mysterious Path Of Stones That Allows Them, Along With Abbey S Twin, Caleb, To Travel Back And Forth Between Their World And What Appears To Bethe Future Unfortunately, They Re Not The Only Ones Who Know About The Stones, And They Soon Realize Their Lives Are In Danger From A Man Known Only As Mantis Abbey, Caleb, And Simon Must Follow A Twisting Trail Of Clues That Will Lead Them From Their Autistic Neighbor, Mark, To A Strange Professor Who Claims To Know The Rules Of The Stones, And To Multiple Futures Some Of Whose Inhabitants Don T Want To Stay Put It Will Take All Of Abbey S Analytical Skills To Unravel The Secrets Of The Stones, Uncover The Threads That Tie The Futures Together, Thwart Mantis S Plan, And, Most Importantly, Keep Her Family Alive Now And In The Future A Pair Of Docks Is An Action Adventure For Kids And Adults That Explores Einstein S Theory Of Relativity, Parallel Universes, Time Travel And The Boundary Between Science And Magic It Is The First Novel In The Derivatives Of Displacement Series Lovers Of Fantasy And Science Fiction Will Find Plenty To Like In A Pair Of Docks. This was a great paradox What a great fast read and a way to travel time without war, blood, aliens or any paranormal type beings I was very surprised with the way the writer wrote about this in and out of time book I received a free, digital copy of this title in exchange for an honest review This does not change my opinion at all.Elements I liked The writing style really kept you up to date on the story, and it helped you focus on what was happening I truly felt like I was a part of the story I have never experienced anything like the storyline in this book But, I really liked it It was interesting and kept my attention Towards the ending, I just stopped guessing what was going to happen, and just read It was a surprise on every page I thought that the ending was the highlight of the book It was what made it REALLY deserve 4 stars Also, I LOVE this cover It is so beautifu This one is for young readers 9 12 who like mystery, magic and time travel A Pair of Docks is a time travel adventure centred around a group of kids the Sinclair siblings who stumble upon a magical portal, which leads them to an unimaginable place That place just happens to be right where they started, but in a different time The story is focussed on the main characters the kids , with parents etc secondary to the main plot Their mom is running for Mayor and her story is quietly told in the background, but she is still an important part of the overall story.After Simon comes into possession of a mysterious email, it sets the Sinclair kids off on a mission to get to the bottom of its purpose When a second email arrives, it clearly shows something fishy is going on, and there is no stopping their thirst to solve the mystery They soon discover that a neighbour with autism, Mark, may hold the vital clue to the truth behind the portal He definitely knows something, but knowing how to and who to share it with is one of the challenges tackled in the plot.Abbey Simon s sister is a highly intelligent girl who constantly thinks in snippets of scientific information IMO, anyone who really has such highly technical thoughts for every single thing the I received this book from Jennifer Ellis in exchange for a fair review It starts out a little slow but takes a hold on you quickly By the middle of the book I was having a hard time putting it down I think it starts off a little slow so that you really get to understand the three main characters It is really hard to figure out where Jennifer Ellis is leading with you with her story right up If you hadn t figured it out from the name of my blog, I m a little bit of a math geek Just a little bit, though I m smart enough to be interested, but not quite smart enough to handle advanced concepts Maybe I could have before I had kids and my ability to think was replaced by the ability to change a diaper with one hand while refilling a sippy cup with the other all while singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star twenty times in a row I actually double majored in elementary education math and language arts in college, so a book with math and science is right up my alley A Pair of Docks is a middle grade sci fi adventure, the first novel in the Derivatives of Displacement series Abbey is a 14 year old math and science genius as in, really a genius she has a 165 IQ She has a twin brother, Caleb, who s as gregarious as Abbey is bookish, and an older brother named Simon who s a computer whiz Another important character in the story is Mark Forrester, the children s adult neighbor Mark has Asperger s and is an expert on coastlines He s also somehow involved in the odd happenings that the children find themselves in the midst of starting with some stones in the forest that cause Simon to disappear when he touches them As it turns out, those stones transport Simon and his siblings to another world the children aren t sure at first if they re in a parallel universe or if they ve jumped into the future, and I ll l Sometimes when I m reading I am torn between what I think and what would my 14 year old self think This is one of those books My adult self is pleased to find a book that is full of both correct and well imagined science, an enthusiastic young female scientist, and a great and unusual adventure I wonder how 12 year olds will react to Mark, who plays an important role and is delightfully displayed with all his autistic quirks and fixations I think my 14 year old self will be wrapped up in the book, irritated by too much detail, but identify with Abbey for most of the time Simon and Caleb, her brothers, are cool and well characterised, her mum and dad are largely absent due to her mum fighting an election campaign there s a twist on the dead parent syndrome so absent that when her mum referred to Peter I had no idea she meant her husband for a few paragraphs.The detail involved in the descriptions of the first two time travel trips irritated me since it left little room for the imagination, although to me the where was obvious I loved the whole premise of the stones until it came to the witchcraft element, which I felt jarred with the scientific aspect of Abbey s story I can see that the author is building this up for the next in the series, but I would rather she had found another way of dealing with the gathering conflict tha There are only a few reviews for this book and most of them start with the author gave me a free copy of this book to review The other reviews sound suspiciously like they are friends of the author.Let me start by saying I don t know the author I was definitely not given a free copy of the book by the author I think my reviews are too honest to get books from authors P so I guess I am independent With that being said, each person is different so someone may love a book I don t This is purely my honest view of the book.I was actually given this book as a gift from a wonderful friend Thanks Cherie who read the blurb and thought it was up my alley with the physics and the time travel However, it was very hit and miss for me.What worked Love the premise The actual story and idea is very clever and importantly very novel I did get to the end of the book and start to wonder about book 2 where as the first half of the book all I could think about was when it would be over If the author had just let the idea carry the book it would have bee

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