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Diez gansos blancos Una Mujer Extranjera Alquila Una Solitaria Granja En Gales Dice Que Su Nombre Es Emilie En La Granja Encuentra Diez Gansos Que Van Desapareciendo Sin Que Sepa La Causa Poco A Poco Conoceremos A La Protagonista Y Querremos Saber M S De Qu Huye Por Qu No Echa El Desconocido Que Aparece En La Granja Qu Har Cuando El Marido La Encuentre Con Estos Elementos Se Podr A Pensar En Un Thriller Convencional, Pero En Este Libro Por Encima De Todo Encontramos Una Forma De Narrar, La De Bakker, Y Una Mujer Que Permanece En El Recuerdo, O Quiz S En Los Sue Os, Durante Mucho Tiempo

About the Author: Gerbrand Bakker

Gerbrand Bakker werd geboren op 28 april 1962 in Wieringerwaard, als derde zoon in een boerengezin van zeven kinderen Heeft van 1967 tot 1992 op school gezeten kleuterschool lagere school havo vwo agogische akademie in Leeuwarden en Nederlandse taal en letterkunde aan de universiteit van Amsterdam.Van 1995 tot 2002 was hij ondertitelvertaler, waarbij hij een voorkeur ontwikkelde voor natuurfilms die vrijwel allemaal in sc ne gezet worden na een flink aantal documentaires zag hij regelmatig dezelfde beelden terugkomen.Aangezien die kwarteeuw school blijkbaar nog niet voldoende was, begon hij in september 2003 een avondopleiding tot hovenier aan de Groene Campus in Alkmaar In juli 2006 sloot hij die opleiding succesvol af en vanaf dat moment is hij als vakbekwaam hovenier in te huren voor tuinontwerp en onderhoud.Omdat hij tijdens zijn studie Nederlands nogal wat aan etymologie had gedaan, en eerste pogingen tot het schrijven van kinderboeken faliekant mislukten, besloot hij een etymologisch woordenboek voor kinderen te gaan schrijven.

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    Ten White Geese, shortlisted for the International Dublin Literary Award, is a beautifully written, quite and mysterious read.A woman leaves her husband and Amsterdam behind without a word and rents an isolated farm house in rural Wales She fills her days happily by working in the garden and overgrown paths surrounding the house On the farm live ten white geese One by one th

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    A panoply of the senses Pensive, reflective, and moving Beautiful A woman rents a remote greystone farmhouse in Wales She has left her husband, needing time to herself, limiting her world, making it small Nature, the quiet, the colors, the sounds of water A old woman scent hangs in the air, is it residual or current A painfully shy badger, who shows itself only to her A gaggle of whi

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    Easily the best novel I ve read this year and also the hardest to review Three days later, I ve dropped trying to read anything else because it s still growing in my mind I ve been working on my garden instead It seems the appropriate thing to do I hope to follow up with agrounded review when my thoughts arefully formed.

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    Written in spare beautiful language, Ten White Geese is a captivating book in a very quiet way A woman leaves the Netherlands, and obtains a short term lease on an isolated Welsh farm house with a view of Mount Snowdon The home is surrounded by meadows, a lake, and overgrown walking paths She has been fired from her job at the university for having an affair with a student Her marriage is troubled She

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    It is no surprise that a book about a scholar deeply immersed in the work of Emily Dickinson is also about death The titular ten geese, by the end of this book, number only four But this book is about deception, too, and perception love, and relationships nature, and gardens We pass two months in Wales but every season is accounted for Gerbrand Bakker has created a knotty piece of fine art for us to contemplat

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    He lifts each item from the old refridgerator Turning them in his hand he examines them Some he considers worn, used and re cooked, bland with age Over a sideboard he slices and grates, pares Then, he places the unlovely shavings into the heating tomato sauce From a secreted drawer he raises the wooden ladle Its scars from use run dark, in grooves, as bars for unwritten notes of music Dressed in a suit and tie Bakker s

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    Every avid reader can attest to this phenomenon sometimes, when we go through our most challenging times, we serendipitously connect with a book that speaks to us both deeply and profoundly.So it was with Ten White Geese, a book with an immense contemplative power that brought me to tears without quite knowing why.Gerbrand Bakker crafts a deceptively simple story an Emily Dickinson scholar who calls herself Emilie flees her mar

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    Short, sparse and strange, Gerbrand Bakker s The Detour is the enigmatic tale of a Dutch woman, Emilie, who runs away from her husband and takes up residence in an isolated cottage in the Welsh countryside For some time she lives a solitary existence there, as the reasons for her decision are slowly made clear to the reader Her only companions are ten geese and even they are disappearing, being picked off by a predator one by one Then h

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    This is a quiet book, set in Wales, with evocative and beautiful prose, a book in which I had no clue what I was reading or where it was going Yet the prose kept me reading, a few things fell in place, the descriptions of the garden, the farm, and the place she was living was stellar A few things began to fall in place and the reader learns what brought her here and why There are no gasping denouements, no active action scenes or bloody body par

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    Ach Another fine novel from the author of The Twin, another exploration of how it happens that a person resigns oneself to her or his own company, cuts ties with the surrounding community, develops small strategies of distraction and repose As you might guess, this is not a cheerful read but Bakker s prose crackles with a definite dry sense of humor that I don t find in similar novels by for example by Dag Solstad or Per Petterson.It would be a mistake

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