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For Anyone Who Has Loved, Lost Or Found It Hard To Let Go, CARRY YOU Will Make You Laugh, Cry And Celebrate Your Best Friends Perfect For Fans Of Marian Keyes And Jo Jo MoyesDaisy Has Lost Her Mum To Breast Cancer She S At Rock Bottom And Doesn T Think She Ll Ever Get Back Up Again Her Best Friend Abi Has Other Ideas She Tells It Like It Is And She S Determined To Make Daisy Remember The Person She Used To BeWhat Daisy Doesn T Know Is That, Thanks To Abi, Her Life Is About To Take An Unexpected Turn, When She Signs Them Up To Do A Charity Walk Added To Which, Someone Is About To Burst Into Daisy S World In A Riot Of Colour Reminding Her That Life Can Be Full Of Surprises Carry You

About the Author: Beth Thomas

I m so thrilled that my debut novel, Carry You, is due to be released NEXT MONTH It s a very personal book for me as it was influenced by my own experience of walking The Moonwalk for the first time in 2010 The Moonwalk is an extraordinary and slightly surreal experience, as you ll discover if you read Carry You, and it inspired me so much, I finally realised my lifelong ambition of writing a novel Now I can t wait to find out what all you Goodreaders think of it Oh, and by the way, I m not in Hooters magazine But I quite like the fact that someone somewhere thought that I could be.

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    3 Stars.I can t say I was blown away by Carry You This is a book, about Daisy, her thoughts, feelings, internal musings, internal monologues, actions, reactions and all the nuances in between Everything you are given comes via Daisy It didn t help that I didn t really like her That probably makes me sound a little callous considering she is still grieving the loss of her mother to Breast Cancer, and then her step fat

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    3 starsDaisy is barely functioning following the death of her mother Her best friend pulls her out of her slump and encourages her to do a charity walk.I loved Daisy s sarcasm and sense of humour but I felt like her internal thoughts blabbled on a bit too much which made the book a bit slow moving Also, I thought there wasinteractions with her best friend than with Felix This book isof a finding yourself and moving past

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    Firstly, thank you to the publisher for accepting me and granting me an eBook copy of Carry You via Net Galley I was so, so happy to receive an email informing me that Carry You was waiting on my dashboard I won t lie, I fell in love with the cover instantly as it is absolutely gorgeous After reading the blurb, I couldn t wait to get started The very first thing that I noticed once I had started reading Carry You was Beth

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    Carry You is a debut novel by Beth Thomas and I am very happy to hear that she is working on her second book the sooner the better This book has hooked me from the very beginning and it was for sure one of the best reads this year.The story is about Daisy who is deep in depression after her mother death of breast cancer Daisy doesn t go to work, she doesn t get up from bed, she doesn t go out She doesn t see how the time is p

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    don t give negative reviews lightly, but despite my best efforts I couldn t find many redeeming qualities within this novel I usually love books published by Avon and they tend to find exactly the kind of novels I enjoy reading and the stunning cover of Carry You combined with the breast cancer storyline made this sound like another one right up my alley Unfortunately I shouldn t have judged this book by its cover It went wrong

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    Review this book was quite different to anything I ve ever read There was something about the voice and the storyline that was entirely unique which is such a gem to find considering the amount of books that I read in this genre The storyline was really really lovely because it all surrounded raising money for breast cancer and breast cancer awareness and raising awareness and dealing with mental health, something which again, is n

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    For me, a chick lit book is meant to be a light hearted read with a happy ending and that s why I love them I know exactly what I m getting a book that will lift my spirits This book was one I was unsure about I lost my Mum to cancer five years ago and while I m past the grief stricken part I still miss her so much at times that it hurts Really, properly hurts So I didn t know if this book would really annoy me at its potential light

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    Found the main character self centred and ungrateful to the one person who cared for her Also felt the time line was disjointed and sometimes confusing Think it would have been better if some parts were cut out which I felt didn t add to the story.

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    This book is kind of motivation The concept is really easy to understand.I just really love to read kind of like relationship of true friends.

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    Not for me, silly girly crap

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