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Brainquake I ve always been a big fan of Fuller s films, but hadn t realized he d written any prose fiction until I stumbled across this I m also a big fan of crime novels, so I was looking forward to Fuller s off kilter sensibilities when I picked it up Although it was written in the early 1990s and makes references that date the story to that time, it very much feels like it s set in the 1970s.The antihero at the heart is Paul Page, an emotionally empty man who works as a bagman for the mafia That is to say, he s a courier who picks up and delivers money around the New York area sometimes millions so that it s laundered The mechanics of this are or less explained, but it never quite makes much logical sense either But that s not really that important what is important is that Paul also suffers from the titular headaches hallucinations, which come across as a form of epilepsy Actually, those aren t really that important either the plot is really centered around him falling for the widow of a small time gangster, her and her baby, who he feels the need to protect.Of course, she s working an angle just trying to string him along so she and her lover can score off him Soon enough, they re on the run from his boss, his boss s boss who happens to somehow also be the leading anti drug philanthropist in the country , and the hitman sent t I ve fallen into the rabbit hole that is HARD CASE CRIME BOOKS and it s stories like this that have trapped me An absolute page turner where anything can happen and does to your classic noir mob and dame types Totally unpredictable The Bagmen Who Transport Money For Organized Crime Live By A Set Of Rules No Personal Relationships, No Ties, No Women And Never, Ever Look Inside The Bag You Re Carrying Paul Page Was The Perfect Bagman, Despite Suffering From A Rare Brain Disorder But That Ended The Day He Saw A Beautiful Mob Wife Become A Mob Widow Now Paul Is Going To Break Every Rule He S Lived By Even If It Means He Might Be Left Holding The Bag. I want to say I love this, but it is a very I kind of like it I want to love it because it s Samuel Fuller, but reading the book, I thought wow this is a bit long if the book was shorter, leaner, and just focused on three or four of its main characters, I would love it But parts of it, in a narrative sense, If you want screwball pulp entertainment, look no further Reads like Sam Fuller took a bunch of his past film scripts and dropped them into a blender, with writing that s like Goodis on caffeine Unfortunately it s not entirely cohesive and goes into some weird directions in terms of plot, but if you re a die hard Fuller fan you know to sometimes expect that from his storytelling On the other hand if you don t know the man s movies or aren t a fan, I d drop this book s rating down to 3 out of 5 rather than my 4 star rating.Of note This edition unfortunately has some weird typos with regards to character names At least in one scene in particular a character is being interrogated about their dead partner and the book accidentally shifts gears and begins referring to the guy being interrogated by the dead guys name Maybe that s how it was in the manuscript and they decided to keep it, but if so it Who would have thought that noted film director Samuel Fuller was also an outstanding writer in the noir genre Brainquake is a superb novel that almost never got published in English The manuscript was found by the author s widow after his death in 1997 Paul Page is a bagman who delivers obscenely large amounts of money, mostly illegally derived, to a company called Pegasus For over ten years, Paul is the perfect anonymous bagman, escaping pirates who are after the funds he transports All would have gone on like this except that Paul falls in love with a young widow whom he calls Ivory Face And, in thinking he is saving her life, he walks away with her, her infant, and a bag containing ten million dollars When this happens, he is pursued by the New York Police Department s tall statuesque black lieutenant named Helen Zara and by a mob assassin called only Father Fl I know this is Fuller s last book and it s great that Hard Case Crime published it but it has to be said the whole thing is a bit weird.More here review includes spoilers Brainquake is a story about one of the most unusual characters in hardboiled crime fiction Paul, who has a cipher for a face, who doesn t like to talk much because his voice sounds like sandpaper, who has few friends, who lives in a small seemingly abandoned shack, and who has brainquakes or seizures where the whole world turns pink Paul is also a bagman for the organization and races around town in his taxicab his front so he can pretend to have a legitimate job and makes pickups and drop offs all over the five boroughs He is trusted with sums of cash one can barely imagine carrying around As a bagman, you have no friends, no lovers, no wife, no family No one you would confide in When you retire if you make it that far , there is a special hotel where the retired bagmen live Paul might not be suited for most jobs, but he is suited for this one He picks the best routes around town, racing to escape the pirates who are always out there ready to grab the loot.Paul likes to sit in the park on his days off and read poetry While sitting in the park so engaged, Paul falls in love with Ivory Face, who just happens to be a mobster s widow What else can he call her when he doesn t know her n There is a lot to like about BRAINQUAKE it s a mob book that goes beyond the stereotypical hit murder mayhem gun mole type tales traditional to this genre, instead focusing on a formally mute bagman and his violent hallucinations aka brainquakes.Paul was born into the life of organised crime his father worked in it and died in it As a favor to Paul s father following his death, the Boss took Paul under her wing and proceeded to turn this blank faced man into an exceptionally gifted bagman, one with a penchant for stopping pirates and a fierce sense of loyalty The key to being a successful bagman is to be an anonymous face in the crowd, have no attachment to friends family or partners beyond the occasional romp in the sack Paul is fine with this, until he s not When a chance encounter, one born of violence and death, unites single mother and former wife to a recently deceased An insane bag man gets involved with an unscrupulous gun moll I had not, as of reading this, seen anything by legendary director Samuel Fuller, but whatever his cinematic merits he was not much of a novelist The kind of hyper stylized crime novel which closely resembles a superhero or sci fi story, a setting basically unrecognizable not in a good way , and characters that are equally loosely drawn It also relies upon characters coincidentally running into one another i

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Samuel Michael Fuller was an American film director, screenwriter and novelist Many of his films are remembered for their controversial topics and presentations Samuel Fuller served as an infantryman in World War II with the famed U.S Army 1st Infantry Division He fought in North Africa, Sicily, France, and Germany The movie The Big Red One is considered to be semi autobiographical.

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