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Freud Jonathan Lear Clearly Introduces And Assesses All Of Freud S Thought, Focusing On Those Areas Of Philosophy On Which Freud Is Acknowledged To Have Had A Lasting Impact These Include The Philosophy Of Mind, Free Will And Determinism, Rationality, The Nature Of The Self And Subjectivity, And Ethics And Religion He Also Considers Some Of The Deeper Issues And Problems Freud Engaged With, Brilliantly Illustrating Their Philosophical Significance Human Sexuality, The Unconscious, Dreams, And The Theory Of Transference Freud Is One Of The Most Important Introductions And Contributions To Understanding This Great Thinker To Have Been Published For Many Years, And Will Be Essential Reading For Anyone In The Humanities, Social Sciences And Beyond With An Interest In Freud Or Philosophy.

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    Lucid and accessible philosophical introduction to Freud that is critical yet sympathetic my favorite kind of introductions Argues, contra Donald Davidson, that the unconscious ought not to be thought of as a second mind I am rather new to Freud but I found Lear s argument rather compelling, I

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    Jonathan Lear, a professor of Philosophy at the University of Chicago, has here written an extremely helpful introduction to the thought of Freud that comes at this giant s work from the angle of the ancient philosophical search for wise living That was a mouth full so let me put it simply Lear

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    This is a very readable and interesting introduction to Freud and to psychoanalysis It looks at Freud from a philosophical point of view and makes many interesting links particularly to Socrates and Plato I did occasionally feel that it was seeking to be popular in a negative sense and the author

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    This book was a nice follow up to the Mishra book, An End to Suffering I was in the mood to beself reflective, and what better way to do it than to read something about Freud Lear basically uses Freud s talk therapy sessions as the raw material for his book, at times incorporating Frued s interpre

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    Nearly five stars, but there s whole important areas of Freud s thought that are never mentioned e.g., castration complex , and many sections where Lear opens with Freud s view on this subject is somewhat dated and incorrect, so I m going to give my own view The problem is, even if Freud s view is

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    An anglo analytic approch to Freud Some interesting critiques Five excellent chapters and one ok ish For some reason, Lear feels that Freud s critiques of religion are unjustified um, ok Contains great lists of recommended reading at the end of each cha...

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    This is really just an excellent and well written introduction to Freud s theories.

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    In this excellent philosophical introduction to Freud, Lear explores the many ways in which a reading of Freud reframes the age old question of how shall I live.

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    A very readable story about Freud s work and its importance for philosophy.

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