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The Insider Published In The Year 1998, The Insider Is A Fictional Novel That Provides The Readers With Insights Into The Way Politics Works In India, Through The Eyes Of Former Prime Minister, P V Narasimha Rao.Summary Of The BookThe Insider Provides The Readers With A Great Deal Of Insight Into The Often Shocking, And Heart Rending Truth About The Political Scenario In India In This Book, Rao Has Incorporated Several Personal Experiences In The Political Arena The Plot Revolves Around A Young Man Named Anand, Who Gives Up His Career To Bring About Political Reform This Story Is Set In A Fictional State, Called Afrozabad, Which Is Based On Hyderabad.Anand Begins His Political Career By Opposing The Oppressing Rule In Afrozabad When Anand Achieves Success In His Political Party, He S Placed In A Spot Where He Needs To Choose Between Chief Minister Mahendranath, And His Rival, Chaudhary In Time To Come, Chaudhary Becomes The Chief Minister, And Anand Is Made A Minister Under Him During His Time As A Minister, Anand Carries On An Affair With Aruna, A Legislator After The Two Break Up, Anand Moves To Delhi After The Political Reins Are Handed Down To Indira Gandhi.Under The Governance Of Gandhi, Chaudhary Is Replaced By Anand, Who Becomes The Chief Minister Of Afrozabad After Trying To Pass A Bill That Was The Reason For Chaudhary S Dismissal, He Is Then Made To Deal With Party Work Under Indira Gandhi The Insider Covers A Number Of Key Events In Indian Politics, Which Include Indira Gandhi S Rise To Power, Her Second Coming, Her Assassination, And Rajiv Gandhi S Premiership Towards The End, Anand Chooses To Retire From His Political Career, And Is Then Requested To Become The Prime Minister Of India The Insider Tells The Readers How Indian Politics Works, And The Fact That Genuine Intentions Are Also Present, Despite Corruption.

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    power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely.the insider is a story of corrupted political system but it is not pessimistic ,instead gives us a hope hope for a better world.

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    Very inspiring story of one of the historical leaders of india Anand gave a nice narrative of ground realities of Indian politics, and how some people can go any length for power and dirty games they p...

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    A masterpiece by the master politician.The books covers the politician landscape of Indian Central Government and Andhra Pradesh from before Independence to 1980 Te book will tell you about what everyone thought but no the leader who made the decision thought So crafty is Rao that he book will tell you all happenings around Indira Gandhi, without telling us about why she took the decision she took

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    I could eulogize him for hours, for he has written in such a simple language.The twists and turns of Human nature, the power politics How can one person stand on his ideology, when every one is against him.a thoughful leader.

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    This book is a riveting account of Indian political landscape by an insider.

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    In 2013, a one time US academic who also happened to be the son of a RAW biggie, took charge as governor of the RBI He did so at a time when the rupee was in freefall and the current account deficit was burgeoning even as inflation too refused to be tamed His tenure saw a marked improvement on all three parameters so much so that India almost returned a current account surplus last month debating the

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    Reading the economic reforms and Indian political economic history, had a fairly rough idea of the force behind these, PV This semi autobiographical account brings forth many incidents from the time of independence, Nehru s strong hold on the nation, internal congress conflicts to Indira s struggle, rise and fall, the emergence of Indian foreign policy, the state and central policies, Afrozabad being t

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    a great book that reveals the nature of Indian Politics A good way to learn Indian Political history too This version of history may not be accurate but as someone said history is his story A really good...

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    Fiction on a freedom fighter and young politicean during indipendance

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    the best autobiography from an Indian Politician Fast paced and engaging

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