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The Promise in a Kiss (Bar Cynster, #0.5) What Would You Do If You Were Kissed By The Most Handsome Stranger You D Ever Seen And What If That Man Was A Cynster Every Girl Even Convent Educated Ones Dreams Of Forbidden Kisses So When A Man Literally Falls At Helena S Feet As She S Walking Through The Courtyard One Moonlit Christmas Eve, The Pretty, Young Comtesse D Lisle Knows He S Up To No Good He S Clearly A Bit Dangerous And Obviously Caught In The Middle Of A Clandestine Rendezvous Why Else Would He Have Risked His Neck And Jumped Out Of A Window Into The Snow It S Wrong, It S Outlandish And It S The Most Utterly Romantic Gesture She S Ever Seen So When The Good Sisters Rush Up, Demanding To Know If She Has Seen A Man On The Grounds, Helena Ignores The Years Of Strict Upbringing That Insist She Reveal His Presence.To Lie Would Be A Sin, But No One Can Be Good All The Time.As A Reward For Her Silence, The Stranger Takes Her In His Arms And Enticingly, Unforgettably Kisses Her And Then Departs, Leaving A Lingering If Unspoken Promise Of All That Might Be, Should Fate Decree That They Meet Again Although Helena Doesn T Know It, Her Wild Englishman Is Sebastian Cynster, Duke Of St Ives, A Nobleman Who Will Prove To Be Her Destiny.Seven Years Later, Helena Has Been Transformed From A Pretty Schoolgirl To An Aristocratic Beauty Her Sparkling Wit Has Made Her Sought After By London S Hostesses Her Considerable Dowry Has Made Winning Her Hand The Aim Of Many A Gentleman But She Is Deadeningly Aware Of How Boring So Many Of These Gentlemen Are.Her Manipulative Guardian Has Unexpectedly Allowed Her To Find A Husband Of Her Own Choosing, And She Has No Intention Of Marrying Any Man Who Tries To Tame Her There Must Be Someone Perfect For Her Someone Who Can Live Up To The Promise Of That Long Ago Kiss.Then, At A Ball, Fate Strikes Once Again, It Is The Christmas Season, And Across The Crowded Room Helena Stands Transfixed For There Is The Man Whose Kiss She Has Never Forgotten, The Man Of Her Memory Whom No Other Has Ever Been Able To Supplant Her Wild, Mysterious Englishman, Sebastian Cynster, Duke Of St Ives.One Look, And He S Determined To Reclaim Her

About the Author: Stephanie Laurens

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Promise in a Kiss (Bar Cynster, #0.5) book, this is one of the most wanted Stephanie Laurens author readers around the world.

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    Ok, I made the super huge mistake of reading this as my first Cynster novel because, you know, it was about the parents and I have a total ocd when it comes of cronological order in a series Then, while I was reading, I found out that some years later the HEA the hero cheats on the heroine Well ok, i didn t like it but I have an open mind, shit can happen, apparently it was a one night stand sort of thing done out of pity yeah Uhmmm and then they w

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    Why write a romance book if you ve already messed with the HEA view spoiler After the book closes, the H ends up cheating on the h with an OW because he feels pity or some BS And then a bastard child a result of the cheating is dropped off at his door the future H of Scandal s Bride and the h thinks his cheating is nbd because because she s all too happy that she can now raise another child And by the time the series starts Cynster 1 , the H of this book

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here OKAY So we pick up a Stephanie Laurens and we know without a shadow of a doubt that there will be a formula to the novel Hero meets Heroine, they can t be together becauseinsert obstacle here , slowly they overcome said obstacle, there is usually some horizontal jogging, but, alas, they are torn apart byInsert obstacle herebut then there is an action packed chapter ending, and then t

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    I d read this years ago, but somehow, fictfact.com has this listed as both.5 and 7.5 in the series I wasn t paying attention, and I just requested the next book from my library As I m already up to book 17 in the series, I m well aware of what happens after they marry I find it interesting that no mention of Richard is made in the Epilogue, that s supposed to chronicle the first few years of the marriage Kind of an important thing to leave out, don t you think I have n

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    Isn t it nice when the premise of an entire series, is the result of the H s CHEATING cue sarcastic eye roll Self note

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    I started to read this one because it was the prequel to the popular Cynster series and I have the first book on my bookcase but I wanted to read about what started this family off I read about the first 75 or so pages The writing was fine, it wasn t hugely fantastic to me but it was fine and I was enjoying but still not completely invested in the romance between Sebastian and Helena However I had found out, through a friend who absolutely loves this series, that view spoiler a coup

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    I can t seem to stay interested in the second half of the book just like Book 1 of the series Both books were an almost DNF Thus, I am in no rush to read the next book in this series.

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    I was going to give this a 4 star, because it has great character development for books that were already written books 1 6, particularly Devil s Bride since Devil is Sebastian and Helena s son but there s one glaring point at issue that is bothering me view spoiler So, Helena and Sebastian are entirely devoted to one another at the end of the book And Helena is exactly like Sebastian in temprament i.e possessive So WTF did she really think when Richard s dad retainer dropped him off at I was goi

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    This was pretty much a 3 or 4 star book for the genre However, we find out in later books later chronologically, not by year of publishing that the H cheated on the h Oh boy They were supposedly so in love But when H goes to some associate s place and sees how his poor wife is mistreated, he pities her, and wants to comfort her, so he sleeps with her, and puts her and the baby in a worse situation than before It just defies logic The h accepting the baby I get, but accepting what This was pretty much a

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book What I liked best about it was that the hero and heroine were equals and viewed each other as such They matched in pedigree and wealth, butimportantly in attitude This wasn t some girl being feisty to the indulgence of a suitor It wasn t some blue stocking drawn into the limelight and made fashionable b...

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