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Love Letters to the Dead Alguns Segredos S Conseguimos Contar Aos Nossos Maiores Dolos.Tudo Come A Com Uma Tarefa Para A Escola Escrever Uma Carta Para Algu M Que J Morreu Logo O Caderno De Laurel Est Repleto De Mensagens Para Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse, Heath Ledger, Judy Garland, Elizabeth Bishop Apesar De Ela Jamais Entreg Las Professora Nessas Cartas, Ela Analisa A Hist Ria De Cada Uma Dessas Personalidades E Tenta Desvendar Os Mist Rios Que Envolvem Suas Mortes Ao Mesmo Tempo, Conta Sobre Sua Pr Pria Vida, Como As Amizades No Novo Col Gio E Seu Primeiro Amor Um Garoto Misterioso Chamado Sky Mas Laurel N O Pode Escapar De Seu Passado S Quando Ela Escrever A Verdade Sobre O Que Se Passou Com Ela E Com A Irm Que Poder Aceitar O Que Aconteceu E Perdoar May E A Si Mesma E S Quando Enxergar A Irm Como Realmente Era Encantadora E Incr Vel, Mas Imperfeita Como Qualquer Um Que Poder Seguir Em Frente E Descobrir Seu Pr Prio Caminho Simplesmente Amei Este Livro Cartas De Amor Aos Mortos Mais Do Que Um Livro De Estreia Impressionante O An Ncio Do Surgimento De Uma Nova Voz Liter Ria Corajosa Stephen Chbosky, Autor De As Vantagens De Ser Invis Vel Assim Como Kurt, Janis, Amelia E Outros Que J Se Foram Mas De Algum Jeito Permanecem Aqui, Cartas De Amor Aos Mortos Deixa Uma Marca Indel Vel Gayle Forman, Autora De Se Eu Ficar

About the Author: Ava Dellaira

I was born in Los Angeles One of my first memories is of looking out the window of the black Cadillac that my family drove across the wide open desert when we moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, which is where I grew up, and where my sister and I spent countless summer afternoons making fairy potions, battling evil witches, and playing other imaginary games that probably contributed to my proclivit

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    Dear Famous Person,You are so cool My name is Laurel and I go to High School but I am still going to talk to you in the passive, immature voice of a 10 year old and then occasionally break out into beautiful metaphors about the sparkles in Sky s eyes and how just one glance from him makes fireflies dance in my stomach or something equally nauseating beautiful There is so

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    Dear Kurt Cobain,Mrs Buster gave us our first assignment in English today, to write a letter to a dead person. For me, this book was pointless, puerile, and pretentious, with a character who is the passive, dull YA contemporary equivalent of Bella Swan or Luce Price It s hard to be myself, because I don t know exactly who I am But now that I ve started high school, I n

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    4.5 stars Months ago, I had to put Love Letters to the Dead down because it was making me so desperately sad Almost a full year later, I read the last half of it with a lump in my throat and tears dripping down my face This is a prof...

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    3.5 STARSOur flushing hearts, trying to climb the stars how with the wrong wind, we can fall I don t think I ve ever felt so many contrasting emotions for a book as I did for this one My first impulse was to rage quit this as early as the second Cobain letter, followed by derisively laughing at Laurel s puerile drama Then I felt some alien tug at my heart over Aunt Amy and her Jesus Man a

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    Una historia con la que he conectado por pasajes, con personajes secundarios que realmente no aportan nada y en general, una trama que da tumbos Cartas de amor a los muertos me ha parecido una novela simple, llena de situaciones clich s y con una manera de ser narrada que creo que a veces era m s una lacra que una virtud Que est bien introducir a personajes como Kurt Cobain o Amy Winehouse, pero que

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    Reminiscent of Perks Of Being A Wallflower, Love Letters To The Dead is too beautiful, too meaningful, and too heartbreaking to describe with words An incredible, moving and very important story with a beating heart and bright soul It s one of those books that everyone ought to read, own, and shar...

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    UNA NOVELA UN TANTO DECEPCIONANTE PERO A LA VEZ SORPRENDENTE.Cartas de amor a los muertos es una novela autoconclusiva epistolar recientemente publicada en espa ol Llevaba mucho tiempo queriendo leerla y ten a unas altas expectativas que de alguna manera no ha cumplido pero a la vez me ha sorprendido porque es muy diferente a como esperaba.Como digo, de alguna manera he sentido cierta decepci n con este libro Hab a un gran

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    O Peso das Mem riasMay e Laurel crescem juntas partilhando o mundo, at quele dia fat dico que Laurel, se poss vel, eliminaria do calend rio, para que tudo regressasse ao outrora Laurel e May, May e Laurel, irm s e c mplices, juntas e felizes, duas e uma Com o tr gico desaparecimento da irm , Laurel perdera aquele mundo constru do e partilhado O mundo em que sempre se conhecera, desaparecera S ficara ela , Laurel , mas onde raio esta

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    Find all of my reviews at Obviously Mitchell and I aren t the target demographic for this book, so take my rating with several grains of salt and I m going to keep this short and sweet sour, just like myself Love Letters To The Dead could have been a perfectly A Okay book for me The basic storyline is Laurel s sister May is gone and Laurel is lost in her grief She swaps schools in order to get rid of the sister of the dead girl stigma

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    You can be noble and brave and beautiful and still find yourself falling Although the title is a blaring warning that this is going to be a tough and probably a torturous read, I boldly ignored it because look at the book cover Doesn t it look beautiful Its invisible strings had this unrelenting tug at my eyes and my heart that made me give in and grab the book I really didn t know what to expect from this book but what I did not expect is

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