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Star Child: The Cosmic Birth Read Dec 20144 starsFull review on Almost 900 Years Into The Future, The Aging Starship Destiny Is Nearing The End Of Its Long Voyage On Board Is The Only Survivor Of Earth, A Young Girl Called Tamsin Raised By Destine, Her Humanoid Companion, She Struggles To Comprehend A Past She Was Not Part Of And A Future She Finds Difficult To Accept Surrounded By Robots On Board A Sterile Ship, Tamsin Will Discover That Destiny Has Many Secrets And That Destine Is Not Who She Appears Over Three Sprawling Books, Tamsin Unravels The Past, Piece By Piece, While She Comes To Terms With Her Own Destiny And The Fate Of All Humanity. First of a trilogy, a YA aimed but enjoyable and charmingly told story of a colony ship on a 900 year voyage, populated only by robots, and one young girl who is birthed near the end of the voyage There are mysterie This is one of the most character in depth science fiction books I ve ever read The author has put a lot of consideration into how the only human Tamsin would react to situations that occur throughout her growing up period while travelling through space to her final destination A journey that was planned and started 800 years before her birth.Even how the various robots would act, taking into consideration how high A real Star child Borne just at the end of their 900 year journey, Tamsin had a lonely live in the huge star ship, Destiny, flown by Destine the robot and other robots maintaining the ship and give her company She reprograms some of the other maintaining robots and they become her real friends, even a sister She studies a lot and Destine calls her the human encyclopaedia.She is dreaming a lot of things she hardly understands, but still feels lonely So Destine is giving her a puppy And through that act, she finds out, that the chip is actually an ark It carries all sorts of seeds, not only plants, animals as well And when the puppy was two years old, she became pregnant Tamsin thought it through and found out, that the whole ship was there for a special purpose, much bigger and important, than she ever could imagine Destine also told her You are destined for something truly great First it was strange for me to read the story from the eyes of Tamsin She start

About the Author: Paul G. Day

Paul G Day specializes in books aimed at children and young adults He has a unique narrative style designed to draw the reader s attention to the images of the setting as well as the predicament of the protagonist Through human and non human characters, his books tell a very human drama and the complicated emotional journey we all sometimes find ourselves taking as we search for meaning and answ

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