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Stolen Dreams (Cassie Scot #4) Edward Scot And Victor Blackwood Have Despised One Another For Nearly A Quarter Of A Century, But Now Their Simmering Hatred Is About To Erupt.When Cassie Scot Returns Home From Her Sojourn In Pennsylvania, She Finds That Her Family Has Taken A Hostage Desperate To End The Fighting Before Someone Dies, Cassie Seeks Help From Local Seer Abigail Hastings, Evan Blackwood S Grandmother But Abigail Has Seen Her Own Death, And When It Comes At The Hand Of Cassie S Father, Victor Blackwood Kills Edward Scot.But Things May Not Be Precisely As They Appear.Evan Persuades Cassie To Help Him Learn The Truth, Teaming Them Up Once Again In Their Darkest Hour New Revelations About Evan And His Family Make It Difficult For Cassie To Cling To A Shield Of Anger, But Can Evan And Cassie Stop A Feud That Has Taken On A Life Of Its Own Conclusion To The Cassie Scot Series.

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    Whelp, all good things must come to an end, and sadly it is time to say goodbye to one of my favorite heroines Cassie Scot What we get in the final book of this fantastic series is tears, laughter, understanding, and closure.Just being able to watch Cassie grow into her own was a great to see From sheltered to fierce, Cassie has kept all her good qualities She shows compassion and a caring attitude even when she, herself, is at risk In a world w

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    I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewI really loved Stolen Dreams, the final book in the Cassie Scot series There s really no way to write an in depth review without major spoilers So I think I m going to focus instead on what I liked and didn t like.I didn t like that this is the final book Along the way, I came to really like the characters, and it kills me to see the series end There s so much to tel

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    Stolen Dreams by Christine Amsden is a 2014 Twilight Times publication I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.The day I have anticipated and also dreaded the last book in the Cassie Scot series While I was excited about reading the book, I was also sad I have really come to love these characters and are invested in them So, I didn t want the series to end Having said that, it was probably best to give the readers a bit of cl

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    This is definitely the best one in the series This series went out with a bang It is also my favorite cover.This book was fun, suspenseful, and interesting a real page turner for sure.Christine did an excellent job with this one The character development was just great By the third and forth books you really get to know the characters and their personalities but I think it is really that Christine s writing just keeps getting better and better At least that

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    Disappointing and infuriating I am so tired of books in which women must give up something for men It s not just the heroine in this story but a whole theme that runs throughout in which women are victims who must be saved by big strong men.

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    2.5 starsMaybe I ll have to think about it some RTC.

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    Finally the end of the series has arrived I was really hoping all those pesky questions would get answered Thankfully most are, some are kind of vague still.A is typical with this series we jump into the middle of things There are gaps in time between books that are told but not shown Sometimes that makes you feel like you are playing catch up with the story Things are explained, it just takes a little time.Everything is not happiness and light in this book Things are

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    I can t believe this is the last book in the Cassie Scot new adult paranormal mystery series I really have enjoyed this series a lot.If you re new to the series, I advise you to pick up the books in order Cassie Scot ParaNormal Detective Secrets and Lies Cassie Scot 2 Mind Games Cassie Scot 3 Stolen Dreams Cassie Scot 4 In this the final installment, talented author Christine Amsden brings the infamous Scot vs Blackwood family feud to a close, but not without filling her s

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    Stolen Dreams is the fourth and final book in the Cassie Scot series and it does not disappoint All those loose ends and pesky questions are finally answered in this conclusion to the series Everything being tied up in a neat little bow proves how great a storyteller Amsden is She has clearly plotted and planned this series down to the most minute detail Not only is the story great but it is well written as well with little witticisms thrown in here and there to keep the reade

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    Stolen Dreams is the final book in the Cassie Scot series We have watched Cassie grow so much throughout the series I had invested so much in my friendship with Cassie that this book was both anticipated and dreaded The author did a masterful job with this book I usually do not like the last book in a series Too often it does not end the way I hoped for A few times, in the final book, the characters did not even resemble the characters in the first few books Stolen Dreams did not

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