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Liminal Lights PDF Liminal Lights Author J.M Bogart Thomashillier.co.uk What If Faerie Magic Is Real Nadia Discovers An Ancient Truth Hidden By Liminals, Coveted By Shadow Monsters, And Protected By Humans.Somewhere, Between Faerie Legends And Story Books, Lies The Truth To Magic It Grows In Children, Matures, And Is Eventually Captured By Liminal Beings These Small, Faerie Like Creatures Harvest And Manipulate It, Crafting It Into The Talents And Skills Inherent In Humans The Rest, They Keep For Themselves In An Effort To Sustain Their Own Life Forces.The Human Race Is Evolving, Forcing Bean, Pritt, And Tissa To Find New Ways Of Harvesting Human Magic To Save Their Own Kind Nadia S Power, Found In Her Talent As An Artist, Is The Last Hope For These Liminal Beings Who Find Themselves Caught Between Light And Shadow Liminals Aren T The Only Ones After Her Magic, So Are The Creatures Who Lurk Under The Bed, Hide In The Darkness, And Go Bump In The Night.Liminal Lights Is The First Book Of A Trilogy.

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    I read Liminal Lights as a beta reader for Jennifer, we met on Authonomy I liked her book without really knowing her at the time and just started reading it while providing some editorial suggestions It was already pretty polished at that stage Liminal Lights is the story of fairy like creatures but they re not fairies who harvest a small amount of human magic in

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    Book Review originally published here Liminal Lights, Magic is real, and that s something Nadia will find out soon enough It grows in children and matures in them, until it s captured by Liminal beings, who harvest and manipulate the magic into talents and skills inherent in humans Whatever is left, they keep for themselves, in an effort to sustain their own life forc

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    Liminal Lights, by J.M Bogart, is a pleasant, passion sparked read As an adult diving into this book, I found myself fondly reminiscing the surging energy of my teens, the indecision, the unnamed need to do something great, and the frustration of not knowing what that great thing should be I m sure young readers will bond quickly with Bogart s striking characters, and rela

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    A book that sparks your imagination and invites you to embrace the existence of magic and creatures other than humans Ideally this book would be perfect for pre teens and young adults The story is well written, has good character development, and integrates a fairly imaginative concept of magic into everyday life The ending was somewhat rushed for my liking, because a lot of th

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    I really enjoyed this story, and I think it is the best Jennifer Bogart has written to date Liminal Lights holds it s own as something for an adult to read, but it would also make an excellent bed time story for children to either read for themselves or to have it read to them The concept that all humans have magic within them, and it s that magic that the Liminals need to survive,

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    Zebeana Bean was good at following the rules, even if she had to guide her younger sister Tissa and deal with annoying Pritt But things weren t well at home as her father, and head of the Council, withheld vital information which could change everything Suddenly her task, watching over Nadia, has gone from recog to establishing direct communication between humans, Liminals, and the Shado

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    Goodreads Signed CopyIn a world where faerie magic exist and it is in children to be nurtured.Bean, Pritt, and Tissa must find new ways to gather human magic for their people to survive, Caught between light and shadows in the world of Liminal Lights.One girl Nadia is wanted by all...

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    An enchanting read filled with magical creatures and real life teen troubles The message is simple all of us have magic in us, we just need to tap the courage inside of us to use it Bravo

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