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21 Things About Romance Loved this book The best part about this book is you feel like author is conversing with you in real The 21 interviews by other people are used very intelligently and sends a message intended by author to be sent Shom has proved again how versatile author he is Even though the title of the book is 21 Things about romance , the book does not deal only with stuff related to relationships and all It has other serious issues and author has made a justice describing them If any book out there is meant to bring a change, 21TAR is surely that book Shom s impeccable still easy and comforting language adds to the pl 21 Things about Romance, is a self help book written for everyone out there who was, is or will fall in love Penned down by Shomprakash Sinha Roy, earlier known for books titled, The Pink Smoke and Life Served Hot this book is published by Grapevine India too I am a little disappointed with the paper quality which is thinner than a newspaper The printing is okay ish However, I found the cover beautiful and vibrant The matt finish looks nice and the colours are appealing The cover designed by Saurav Das is attractive and hooks the readers It will instantly make you want to grab the book and read on.You should read this book if you have ever been in love or would be in love, to know what she wants or what he is looking at, to discover who can be your Mr Right or who can you live happily ever after with, to see beyond his bulging tummy and her flaws, to see when it s not working and it s time to move on, to understand how you can continue your friendship if the relations Download 21 Things About Romance By Shomprakash Sinha Roy Capitalsoftworks.co.uk For Than A Decade, We Ve Had Exposure To Love Stories In The Form Of Novels, Movies And We Have Fallen In And Out Of Love, And We Have Been Riddled With Questions About The Origins Of Love, Our Emerging Sexuality, Authenticity Of People That We Love, And So On Our Parents Society Don T Always Sync With Our Ideas Of Being Romantically Involved With People Of Our Choices Indian Culture Discriminates Without Discrimination, Which In Itself A Very Sad Predicament For The New, Evolving Generation Plus, There Hasn T Been A Single Platform Where All Our Troubles Have Been Heard And Voiced Out At The Same Time Not Until 21 Things About Romance Came Into Existence This Book, Written By Acclaimed Young Author Shomprakash Sinha Roy, Clubs The Viewpoint Of An Entire Generation With His Own Ideas About Romance In The Twenty First Century, Through Poignant Essays, Conversations And Articles About Love As We Know It Today Be Part Of The Romantic Revolution With This Radical Book Which Is Set To Answer All Your Questions About Love Change The Way You Look At Romance, Forever

About the Author: Shomprakash Sinha Roy

Shomprakash Sinha Roy Born October, 1990 stays in Bangalore and works as a Content Developer at Dell Inc He is the author of the popular novels The Pink Smoke Life Served Hot The Backbenchers 3 Days of Summer He loves books, and has a fantastic collection of classics and contemporary hits He joined engineering in 2008, but eventually dropped out, owing to a difference in

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