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I set 30 Seconds in Cleveland, Ohio after I took a trip to Michigan and had a layover in the Cleveland airport I didn t get to explore the city, but the bitter cold that cut through me straight to the marrow in my bones made a big impact It was after I was back in Florida when I thought of the opening scene of 30 Seconds I could clearly see Dr Dani Hart coming home with the bottom of her scrubs wet from the f This was a fun, short read The pacing was nice and I enjoyed the characters I did find it weird that Blake didn t yell at Dani the time she snuck off to the hospital The mob is after her and it was irresponsible even if she did save someone s life The tension of waiting for the mob to find her really kept the story going I This romantic suspense novella kept me turning the pages Even though the story is short, there s plenty of twists and turns and one big surprise that I didn t see coming Seriously, had to read the big surprise twice for it to sink in I love it when that happens Fun and sexy read. I really enjoyed this book I read it in one day It s the perfect length with the perfect amount of action and suspense for an intense and satisfying read A deadly case of mistaken identity finds a doctor on the run for her life while the guilt ridden cop responsible vows to protect her with his life I love that from the start, it was clear that Dani was a fighter She may not be a kick butt heroine, but she is feisty and determined She s a doctor and doesn t even let the mob stop her from saving lives I also love that Blake represents the type of cop I wish there were of, not just in books, but in reality I will admit though, I m still wondering how he manages to live in such a nice home perhaps I missed something Did he inherit it In any case, he s a good guy.There was a twist to this story that I wasn t e Reading 30 Seconds Author Chrys Fey Jwdfitness.co.uk 30 Seconds Is A Novella When Officer Blake Herro Agreed To Go Undercover In The Mob, He Thought He Understood The Risks But He S Made Mistakes And Now An Innocent Woman Has Become Their Target He S Determined To Protect Her At All Costs.The Mob S Death Threat Turns Dr Dani Hart S Life Upside Down, But There Is One Danger She Doesn T Anticipate As She S Dodging Bullets, She S Falling In Love With Blake With Danger All Around Them, Will She And Blake Survive And Have A Happy Ending, Or Will The Mob Make Good On Their Threat It s been than a decade since I read a romance thriller 30 Seconds is packed with action right from the start and I like how the author didn t waste time in getting Dani Hart and Blake Herro into trouble, big trouble, together There is a minor thread about Dani s past and I was nicel 30 Seconds is a fast paced, unique tale full of twists that are coiled for an adrenaline rush Read full review in the Cleveland, OH At Dr Dani Hart s Danielle, Elle apartment Officer Blake Herro Cleveland P D, aka Hottie had come to warn her Tony London criminal Red mob leader, criminal were going to kill her They hid in her apartment avoided this mishap He took her into Protective custody.Why does the mob want her whacked What will happen between Dr Dani Hart Officer Blake Herro That song brought back some memories I Don t Want to Miss a Thing Aerosmith.Warning This book is for adults only contains extreme violence, adult content or expletive language or sexually explicit scenarios It may be offensive to some readers I did not receive any type of compensation for reading reviewing this book While I receive free books from publishers authors, I am under no obligation to write a positive review Only an honest one A very awesome book cover, great font writing style A very well written crime mys Sometimes people are simply at the wrong place at the wrong time Or perhaps it s the right place at the wrong time or the wrong place at the right time Are you confused If so, you might be able to relate to Dr Dani Hart, who faces such a situation, in Author Chrys Fey s novella 30 SECONDS All Dr Hart wants to do is go home to her apartment after an all nighter at the E.R and relax Instead, she runs into Blake Herro, a cop yes, literally runs into him , six armed men break into her apartment, and she and Blake hide in a cedar chest Very cozy, if not for the fact the men want to kill her, thinking she s someone else From then on Dani s life will never be the same.The author has created characters with distinctive personalities I love Dani She has some great lines One of my favorites is She wanted to lie back down and drool on him some Now, can t you just picture that scene And Blake is a hero and not just because of his last name Danger, the Mob, cops, romanc Chrys Fey delivers, yet again, another thrilling hit I have been a big fan of hers since her debut novella, Hurricane Crimes, and this time, she has really captivated my reading attention From beginning to end, this book had nonstop action and was packed with the kind of thrill one can only anticipate when reading one of Fey s books The first chapter hooked me in right away The author s use of descriptive language enabled me to envision Dr Dani Hart coming into dangerous contact with Blake, the hero of this book Early on, these two were addicting Fey portrayed their relationship in an exciting manner as it developed while Blake was trying to protect 30 Seconds

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