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Filha do Sangue (Trilogia das Jóias Negras, #1) H Setecentos Anos Atr S, Num Mundo Governado Por Mulheres E Onde Os Homens S O Meros S Bditos, Uma Vi Va Negra Profetizou A Chegada De Uma Rainha Na Sua Teia De Sonhos E Vis Es Agora O Reino Das Sombras Prepara Se Para A Chegada Dessa Mulher, Dessa Feiticeira Que Ter Mais Poder Do Que O Pr Prio Senhor Do Inferno Mas A Rainha Ainda Nova, Pass Vel De Ser Influenciada E Corrompida.E Quem Controlar A Rainha Controlar O Mundo

10 thoughts on “Filha do Sangue (Trilogia das Jóias Negras, #1)

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    My wife bought the first book in this series and for some reason read it The whole time she read it she complained how bad it was Then for some reason I read it and we finished the series The only explanation I can come up with is that

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    I think this book gave me brain herpes A good read, but horrible The characters are caricatures The world is nigh incomprehensible who includes a list of jewel ranks and titles broken down by gender , but not a freaking map especially when this p

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    For her virgin effort at novel crafting, Anne Bishop has laid down a strong piece of dark fantasy that is richly drawn, psychologically savage and dripping with THROB I am suffering severe mind boggle that this is really her first published work as this st

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    Let me get straight to the point here I absolutely abhorred this book I had to force myself to finish it I was actually really excited to start it though It s widely acclaimed by critics professionals and goodreads members alike and the plot sounded promising Plus,

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    This book is incredibly awful It s embarrassingly bad The characters with their ridiculous names and the world are poorly developed The author gives us variations of the same scenes again and again Daemon is a sexy threat, dear old dad Saetan is old and tenderhearted, Jaenell

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    Welcome to my DNF graveyard a fun and cheerful place to be The social system of the world of the book is matriarchy It seems women in power decided the best use for the men is to keep them as sex slaves I have yet to see a single free man in the part of the book managed to read there a

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    Things I did not like about this book Proper names the winter solstice holiday is Winsol Satan is Saetan Demon is Daemon Lack of character development Redundant descriptive language Elaborate and pointlessly nonsensical magic schema Crappy plot ...

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    Excerpts from a stream of consciousness transcript as I read this series So that s his brother Ah, right, his brother with wings Saetan Sa Diablo For seriousMagical cockring of ObedienceAww, that s actually pretty cute Family togetherness, d aww Ew Ew Ew He just circumcised someone with his teethOh, l...

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    2.5 trashy, campy, cheesy, sordid little stars.In grade six, my second best friend and I discovered her mother s V.C Andrews Flowers in the Attic series and we snuck them out the bookshelf and read them in the park while eating chips and drinking lemonade We found those books so enticingly wicked and could not beli

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    If you like feminist fantasy fiction, this is the series to read Bishop creates a fantasy otherworld unlike any I have read and I ve read quite a bit Bishop s work is highly subversive It develops a female dominant society based on Kipling s reminder the female of the species isdeadly than the male Bishop does not simply put

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