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On the Trail of the Nephilim, Volume One On The Trail Of The Nephilim, Volume One Free Download Author L.A Marzulli Chardonneret.eu L.A Marzulli Has Written This Latest Book What You Are About To Read Is Not The Stuff Of Science Fiction It S Not A Fantastic Fable Or The Musings Of An Overzealous Archaeologist It S Straight Out Of The Pages Of The Bible The 120 Pictures Displayed Within This Volume Have Not Been Altered In Any Way What You Are About To See Is Truly Ground Breaking Revelation An Unparalleled Discovery That May Leave You In Stunned Silence This Books Is The Culmination Of A Lengthy Search For The Physical Evidence Of The Nephilim, The Giants Of Old Testament Lore A Significant Cover Up Has Taken Place Over The Years, Reducing These Double Digit, Gigantic Hybrids To The Dustbins Of History But Make No Mistake About It They Were There Hundreds Of Excavated Graves Scattered Throughout The Would Provide Evidence Of Their Genetic Abomination The Product Of The Breeding Of Heavenly Angels With The Women Of Earth During The Days Of Noah These Ancient Builders Left Behind Evidence Of Their Supernatural Strength And Technological Know How Their Massive, Megalithic Structures Are Legendary And Evidence Of Nephilim Architecture Abounds Worldwide Marzulli And A Team Of Scientist, Archaeologists And Scholars Traveled To The Jungles Of A Foreign Land, Perhaps The Only Place Where They Could Gain Access To The Unspoiled Evidence Of This Genetic Manipulation PERU Toppling Perhaps The Greatest Cover Up In Mankind S Bizarre History.

About the Author: L.A. Marzulli

Author, lecturer and film maker, Lynn A Marzulli is an evangelical Christian who travels the United States lecturing on as his blog title proclaims politics, prophecy and the supernatural.Among the eight novels he has published, the Nephilim trilogy made the Christian Booksellers Association best seller list He has an e magazine and frequently speaks on TV, radio and internet radio.

10 thoughts on “On the Trail of the Nephilim, Volume One

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    More proof that the Bible is true An excellent read Now for the next one.

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    Filling in the gapsWhen we come to a better understanding of the deeds of the fallen watchers and the Nephilim, then many passages in scripture spring forth with new and truer meaning Books like this one are preparing the saints for what is coming upo...

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    Starts out slow but ends so you can t stop readingThe first half is a lot of museum pictures but once you get past that it is something hard to stop reading.Looking forward to the other volumes

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    how disappointing I was very interested in reading about the Nephilim, however, the author is an avid creationist and detracted from the whole subject Not recommended

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    On the Trail of the Nephilim is written much in the same way Mr Marzulli speaks in his Politics, Prophesy the Supernatural Report videos Included in the book are a number of old newspaper articles, most of which he has images then the text of the articles These articles from the late 1800 s and early 1900 s are about archaeological finds of giant skeletons from across North America He points out that even though many would say that the articles are exaggerations to

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    So, I m visiting my mom in Montana and I realize that vacation is not the time to read a self help book on overcoming perfectionism, so I decide to pick another book from her bookshelf I come across this book with a giant skull on the front, and my mom, of course, has to tell me all about it because she saw a show on a Christian broadcasting channel, and she just had to buy the book I, of course, argue with her about the what the Nephilim are and even end up searching in t

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    If you ve ever been interested in going beyond the basic Nephilim study within the Biblical text and that of the Book of Enoch, then this is the book for you.LA does a wonderful job of building a case for studying an entirely new arena of Archaeology Make no mistake, this book challenges the status quo and to the point, Evolutionism.The reason I recommend this book is because of the many interesting facts and the astonishing lack of study that has been done in the area of Giant S

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    Exciting This work was presented in an easy read format For once the photos in this book were actually formatted to be full screen and not some small dot on the screen Out of all the kindle books I ve purchased, this book got the photos right The content of he book is self explanatory in its title Can t wait for the next volume to come out If fallen angels in Genesis 6 in...

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    Encouraging informationThis book is packed with information from a completely different place Peru has always intrigued me But there is far there than I knew about Pictures were interesting to see The huge stones forming gigantic buildings which were in the hardest places to reach Amazing.

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    Ancient mysteries and theories.This is a very interesting subject, and requires a good basis in biblical theology It brings information you cannot deny, and leaves it for you to make up your own mind.

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