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The Trouble with the Truth Set In The 1930s, This Poignant, Funny, And Utterly Original Novel Tells The American Story Of One Lost Girl S Struggle For Truth, Identity, And Understanding Amidst Her Family S Nomadic, Unconventional Lifestyle.What S The Right Way To Behave, To Think, To Feel, If You Re Always The New Girl How Do You Navigate Life When You Re Continually On The Move Do You Lie How Do You Even Know If You Re Lying What S The Truth Anyway It S 1928 And Nine Year Old Lucresse Briard Is Trying To Make Sense Of Life And The Jumbled, Often Challenging Family It S Handed Her A Single Art Dealer Father Who Thinks Nothing Of Moving From Place To Place Her Brother, Ben, Who Succeeds In Any Situation And Seems Destined For Stardom And Their Houseman, Fred, Who Acts Like An Old Woman As Lucresse Advances Through Childhood To Adolescence, She Goes From Telling Wild Lies For Attention To Desperately Seeking The Truth Of Who She Is As A Sophistication Craving Teenager In The 1930s.Told From Lucresse S Perspective As A Grown Woman, The Trouble With The Truth Transcends Its Time In The Late 1920s And 30s, And Weaves The Story We All Live Of Struggling To Learn Who We Are And The Truth Behind This Human Journey.

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    This is not a review, but there is no place to post contemplations on Goodreads, so I m placing it here. Update 5 22 16 This just published in the Northwestern University alumni news It only took 59 years Author Edna Robinson 1921 1990 was and is my mother I am her daughter and editor of The Trouble with the Truth, and I thought I would share why I love this book.I love it because it gives me a bi

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    3.5 starsLucresse Briard smacked me upside the head with the love stick I went into this hoping for the best but not expecting a whole hell of a lot Then I started reading a forward, not realizing it wasn t the beginning of the book, and it was a little dry and I put it down, dreading the rest of the read I finally picked it back up and started at the actual beginning of the book and was delightfully surpris

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    A special thank you to Betsy, the author s daughter and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. The charming part of TROUBLE WITH THE TRUTH, isso about the inspiration behind the book and its author If you are unaware, Author Edna Robinson 1921 1990is the mother of Betsy, editor of the book, as she shares a little of her mother s stories her mother s 1957 novel retyped and edited to an unknown world of

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    Walter Briard is an eccentric single father raising 9 yr old Lucresse and 11 yr old Ben while selling antiques and paintings in ever changing locales and circumstances which require creative, changeable explanations to neighbors in order for them to be accepted by society Lucresse struggles to be accepted at a series of new schools and finds herself playing fast and loose with the truth in an effort to fit in better Walter is a

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    I loved this book Captivating and gorgeously written, The Trouble with the Truth recounts a motherless girl s journey through the Great Depression as new homes and significant relationships shift in and out of her world with little or no warning, and she struggles to find her place while never staying in any one place for very long Nine year old Lucresse Briard is blessed with uncommonly comfortable means at a time when most have little,

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    Several other reviewers mention the backstory of this novel, which is truly interesting and well worth your looking up Who doesn t enjoy a bit of peaking behind the curtain In this case, the peaking does help humanize the author and editor, daughter, Betsy Robinson beyond the dust jacket marketing that we readers normally get Having peaked for myself, I feel as though I ve met someone I can easily admire a strong, creative, loving person who dilig

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    Three and a half stars, rounded up My thanks go to Betsy Robinson, the late author s daughter, who invited me to preview an ARC and review it It s been a fun read.Lucresse and her brother Ben have an unusual life On the one hand, they aren t starving, as many people around the world were during the Great Depression But on the other hand, their circumstances require a constantly changing back story in order for them to be accepted by polite society, which wa

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    First of all, thank you Betsy for sending me one of your last available ARCs of this book I enjoyed every minute I spent with this very delightful story.The excellent writing added to the fun I laughed out loud and read passages to my family on numerous occasions sometimes because that particular portion of the story was amusing and often because the way it was written was amusing I absolutely loved the characters all of them The Trouble with the Truth reveals to us

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    Some authors write stories that are so beautiful, I secretly hope them to be true Others invent exotic worlds I wish I might live in But Edna Robinson has done something muchintimate for me as a reader she has created a family of characters I wish I could be a part of Although the events of the story are creative and entertaining, I was muchinterested in how nine year old Lucresse would perceive them, how her older brother Ben would dramatize them, or how her father would pare

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    The usual spate of superlatives charming, refreshingly unique, memorable seem so bland and quite inadequate for this amazingly quirky little gem While the story stands quite well on its own, thank you, the additional backstory of this being a book written by a dead author, someone who might have found success if Harper Lee hadn t beguiled the world with her own tale of a widower raising two precocious children As I read, and read, and nearly read TTWTT in one sitting, I kept on thinking

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