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Angels Walking Firstly, I am in no way, shape, or form the intended audience of this book I couldn t care less for sports of any kind least of all, baseball and I am not religious and if I were, I d still be the wrong denomination Christian for this It was a frustrating read, but occasionally it struck a cord and I have to give it that Now, the angels in the title and who tie this whole series together are completely superfluous and occasionally annoying The story would have flown much better without their presence and even the Christian elements would have been improved upon As it is, all the bad guys are non christian and all the people who help Tyler are devout, faithful and all that shit, except they wouldn t do anything unless the angels nudged them or less subtly The protagonists are dull Sami is incredibly naive and Tyler needed to be dealt a life shattering blow in order to stop being an asshole The only characters I enjoyed were Mary Catherine and Virginia and even that in small doses The author takes precious time to catalogue every single movement when a character is on screen , which eventually strikes you as a lot of padding every intake and outtake of breath, every time Tyler pick This one started out a bit slow for me since i am not a baseball fan But as the story progressed it caught might attention There is a spiritual realm that we all do not see, good and evil I like to think that there are angels all around us, watching over us an PDF Epub Angels Walking Author Karen Kingsbury Nature Explore.eu From 1New York Times Bestselling Author Karen Kingsbury Comes The First In A Brand New Series About Second Chances A Dramatic Story About A Washed Up Baseball Player, The Love He Left Behind, And The Miracles That Might Save Them Both.When Former National Baseball Star Tyler Ames Suffers A Career Ending Injury, All He Can Think About Is Putting His Life Back Together The Way It Was Before He Has Lost Everyone He Loves On His Way To The Big Leagues Then Just When Things Seem To Be Turning Around, Tyler Hits Rock Bottom Across The Country, Tyler S One True Love Sami Dawson Has Moved On A Series Of Small Miracles Leads Tyler To A Maintenance Job At A Retirement Home And A Friendship With Virginia Hutcheson, An Old Woman With Alzheimer S Who Strangely Might Have The Answers He So Desperately Seeks.A Team Of Angels Walking Take On The Mission To Restore Hope For Tyler, Sami, And Virginia Can Such Small And Seemingly Insignificant Actions Of The Unseen Bring Healing And Redemption And Can The Words Of A Stranger Rekindle Lost Love Every Journey Begins With A Step.It Is Time For The Mission To Begin I really enjoyed this book I won this in a Goodreads giveaway I believe we have lots of angels looking after us, so books like this make me happy.It is a great story of two lost souls who the angels are helping to reunited so they can finish their story..Good read The book starts out with a scene in heaven Angels are given assignments The reader is given a front row seat or bird s eye view of the messengers of His message Angels We then get the lineup of actors on the stage Tyler Ames is a national baseball hero.Sami Dawson once Tyler s girlfriend moves on in life There is a brand new medic named Beck Angel Ember is a waitress that get s Tyler s parents to pray for Tyler Beck Angel then poses as a man in a shelter to help Tyler apply for a job that leads Tyler to meet a woman with Alzheimers Vigina Hutchinson This book was great I identified with the characters I cheered them on and cried with them I felt their hurt and pain I rejoiced when God s plan redeemed relationships I have seen too much Angel Worship Karen does a great job in not allowing that to happen We get a glimpse into the supernatural and that s all we really need Jesus Christ is the One to be worshiped and that came out loud a Karen Kingsbury s writing hasn t improved If anything, it s become worse I found the characters weren t believable and the plot was slow and rather boring. Beautiful story I literally read most of this book while my husband was in the hospital having major surgery to remove cancer The synopsis of this book that there are angels among us and how the angels worked in the Well, that was amazing and left me an emotional mess. I m stuck somewhere between wanting to devour book 2 and wanting to recover from this beauty 3 First off, I should say I liked the book to an extent I find many of these books the same and that frustrates me Secondly, allow me to say that it was written well but in a predictable Karen Kingsbury way And I say that with no malice, trust me, I do not mean any Karen Kingsbury writes for all people and they are very nice Christian stories My only issues with them surround how they are constructed To me, these stories have the same plot lines Boy and Girl are together Boy and girl are torn apart for some specific reason Boy becomes damaged usually both physically and mentally Girl happens upon Boy with her unending Faith and love Boy realizes error in his ways and redeems himself Boy and Girl live happy ever after even if perhaps not together I found these characters irritating as I believed the character of Sammy to be a bit naive and fantastic I felt

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Karen Kingsbury, 1 New York Times bestselling novelist, is America s favorite inspirational storyteller, with than twenty five million copies of her award winning books in print Her last dozen titles have topped bestseller lists and many of her novels are under development with Hallmark Films and as major motion pictures Her Baxter Family books are being developed into a TV series slated f

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