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The Phoenix Variant (The Fifth Column, #3) Sophia Former Black Operative, Current Enemy Of The State.Moments Before A Catastrophic Hurricane Hits New York City, A Terrorist Attack Vaporizes A Museum And A Large Chunk Of The Upper West Side Almost Caught In The Explosion, Sophia Gives Chase To A Suspicious Figure Running From The Blast Zone.Amid The Chaos, Sophia Recovers A Rare Meteorite From A Black Operative And Is Quickly Ensnared In A Hunt Between Clashing Factions Of A Labyrinthine Covert Government Known As The Fifth Column.The Meteorite Contains Traces Of The Ancient Phoenix Virus The Effects Of The Virus Are Unknown To Sophia, But She Soon Discovers It Is Powerful Than She Dared Imagine And That The Fifth Column Will Stop At Nothing To Get It.Unarmed And Outnumbered, Sophia And Her Allies Hurtle Towards A Confrontation That Will Determine Not Only Their Fate But That Of All Humanity.

About the Author: Nathan M. Farrugia

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Phoenix Variant (The Fifth Column, #3) book, this is one of the most wanted Nathan M. Farrugia author readers around the world.

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    Still Getting Better 4 Stars I have to say that this is the best one yet It combines the ongoing action of the first two books but includes a generous helping of character development While I enjoyed the action of the first two, I would have become increasingly bored with the series I have enjoyed Matthew Reilly s Scarecrow series but got bored as I love character development I think the author ha...

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    Okay.So.I m all in.I have this bad habit of rating individual books while forgetting their overarching places in the overall story arc of the series NO MORE, I SAY.This series is amazing I love it.Sophia along with another female character, not relevant to this current post has managed to restore my faith in female characters She s not a pushover She doesn t need a romantic attachment to make her anycomplete She simply kicks some serious ass, all the time, and still manages to keep Okay.So.I m all in.I

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    The third and much looked forward to book in a great series by Nathan M Farrugia follows the adventure of Sophia, genetically enhanced operative gone rogue and her friends trying to bring down The Fifth Column, the group who run the worlds governments therefore controlling the masses.Reading this third instalment was lik...

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    What is the Fifth Column Enter to find out October 2 16, 2014 Click on Banner to Enter Tome Tender Exclusive Like David vs Goliath vs Godzilla vs Mother Nature s enhanced wrath, with high tech weapons, genetic enhancements and powerful psyc...

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    I ve been looking forward to this book, the third in the series As a reader you always wonder if the next book will be as good as the last We ve all read series that gradually fall apart thebooks there are but this isn t one of them.It is hard for this type of book to keep its momentum but so far Mr Farrugia is hitting the target dead center.Once again we have Sophia and her crew Everyone is working a different gig but when things start blowing up, Sophia realizes that Denton is behind I ve been looking forward to this book

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    Yep, loved this as much as the other 2 books in the series it was the same fast paced, titillating read, sometimes you feel your heart is beating hard and then you realise you forgot to breathe And what gives me the shivers is that evenof the conspiracy theories might be true than we d like to believe is fiction we perceive there s a 5th column as far as money makes the world go round, but to think they might have their own army and resources Brrrr I like that the survival of the Yep, loved this as much as the other 2 books in the

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    The third instalment of a great series and there is certainly no letting up on the action Sophia and her gang are back, in a fast paced game of wits and skill over and under the streets of New York City With a hurricane, The Fifth Column, Denton AND the Crazy Jamaican Woman to contend with, they need all the help they can get and it seems like there is a life threatening cliff hanger at the end of almost every chapter It s enough to make you dizzy.As we learnabout The Fifth Column and t The third instalment of a great series and there is

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    COULDN T CATCH MY BREATHSophia and her band of Project GATE enhanced warriors battle on against the Fifth Column s efforts to corral the final meteorite born virus which, when combined with the first two AND what Sophia carries in her own DNA, threatens to create a being of unimaginable power This cannot be allowed to happen Sophia must avoid capture in New York, the target of a category 5 hurricane, both below and above ground, while she struggles to deny the Fifth Column its goal To make ma COULDN T CATCH MY BREATHSophia and her band of Proje

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    One must admit this is a really gripping series so far This one took a bit to build up, but it was worth it just to see the Gambit Pileup of four different sets of people Not to mention that, set in this day and age, this may have a disturbing chance of being reality which adds to a bit of fear too, making it eventhrilling to see the heroes overcome the odds.Plus, new characters were brought in and admirably built up, withou...

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    I really enjoyed this third installment of the 5th Column series To me it didn t seem as fast paced as its predecessors although don t get me wrong there is still action aplenty and I felt I got to know the char...

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