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Falaha's Journey: A Spacegirl's Account in Three Movements FALAHA S JOURNEY SERIES Vol The Complete Serial Novel In A Single Volume Books A Young Girl With AmbitionA Desperate Man On A MissionAn Ancient Enemy Set To Wipe Out Their Entire RaceWhen A Seemingly Simple Space Rescue Mission Turns Into A Nightmare, Falaha, A Danna Commander Trainee With A Power She Can T Use Properly Yet, Has Her Skills Put To The Ultimate Test As Her World Begins To Collapse, Throwing Her To The Center Of The Conflict That Might Wipe Out Her Entire RaceThe Danna Are A Species Of Humanoid Aliens Who Share The Milky Way With Humanity Unlike Humans, They Have Been Around For At Least Three Billion Years And Are The Oldest Species In The Galaxy Born With An Alien Artifact In Their Blood, They Possess Abilities Surpassing Anything Any Living Creature Can Dream Of However, Both Their Superb Space Technology And Their Unusual Blood Legacy Have Attracted Danger No One Expected Abandoning Their Home Galaxy, The Remaining Population Sets Out In Secrecy To Their Last Resort, Kan Diona, The Place To Witness Their Victory Or To Become Their GraveFALAHA S JOURNEY Is A Vivid Tale Of Alien Species, Races, And Cultures, A Family Saga Spanning Multiple Generations And Extending Across The Universe, A Tale Of Identity, Exploration, And Self Discovery Amidst A Devastating Struggle For Survival, And A Love Story That Touches The StarsPublisher S Note This Is NOT A YA Children S Book

About the Author: Jeno Marz

I m a writer from Latvia, Northern Europe, with background in electronics engineering and computer science All my fiction is aimed at an adult audience English is my third language.Connect with me on Facebook OS UNIVERSE SERIES by Jeno Marz FALAHA S JOURNEY SERIES Falaha s Journey A Spacegirl s Account in Three Movements Books 1 3 Descent The Pit Perseverance Falaha s Journey Into Pleasure Book 3.5 Welcome to Adulthood This Lonely, Lonely Spaceman The Man in a Box RJG TRILOGY Rjg Blood Threads Rjg 1 Coming 2020 Rjg Adventurous Tide Rjg 2 Rjg Godslayer Rjg 3

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    A N Final corrections to the published text were made on November 16th 2014.This is not a review, of course, since I m the author of this story, but I wanted to tell a couple of things about what one should expect getting into reading this serial novel English is not my native language, so I apologize for any mistakes you might find in this note Don t worry, the book is edited Falaha s Journey

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    How about a series with NO humans involved True science fiction, space adventure, a tale of survival and war and manipulations, Falaha s Journey Series Volume 1 is the complete serial novel under one cover Three books in one Jeno Marz brings the story of a young girl to life and follows her through changes, dangers and a transformation into a brilliant leader.Intergalactic wars rage, the fear and prejud

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    One of the things I enjoyed most throughout the novel were the relationships between the characters and I especially enjoyed Falaha s relationship with her father and with her first spouse To be honest I wasinterested in the development of those relationships than the development of the plotline, although the plot is interesting when you can understand what is happening.The main reason that this book only gets t

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    Falaha s Journey introduces you to Falaha and her spouse to be, Eyuran They are of the Danna race, a kind of humanoid aliens.With Falaha s Journey, Jeno Marz has created an epic science fiction story, combining the first three instalments of the series Falaha s Journey is the story of a rescue mission gone wrong, a female with ambitions, growing up and detecting her emotions Most of the time, the books have a steady flow

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    I finished the first book in this trilogy box set and can definitely say this is one for SciFi enthusiasts Those that love Star Trek, etc in particular.The range of characters and new ideas is fantastic, but it was a bit too much for me I admit I got lost several times and found it hard to keep track with what was happening.I did start book two and was intrigued by the new twist Unfortunately, I then got lost again and since SciF

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    Falaha is a Commander Trainee and her father is the Commander of the spacecraft Quennah They are on a journey to another galaxy and Falaha, her family members and others aboard encounter many experiences .I enjoyed Falaha, the likable character and the story was a breeze to get through with the short chapters I think anyone who enjoys space travel, sci fi, and or light reading, they will like these books Exploration is a journey of beauty

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    This book was a very good book and I enjoyed it immensely It did seem slow in some areas, but it was well worth the read I am not a true hard core sci fi fan, but I still enjoyed this book I received a free copy of this book for an honest review

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    Che devo dire L ho amato Alieni, ma umanoidi, almeno per la maggior parte delle caratteristiche fisiche, questo ci permette di relazionarci ad essi. beh, almeno a molte delle specie, dato che alcune hanno una logica veramente aliena, secondo me Quello che li rende davvero diversi il soma una caratteristica ereditabile in grado tra l altro di mettere in contatto tutti gli individui che lo posseggono, e di attuare modifiche a livello genetico e fisico che pe

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    This book is definitely for science fiction fans It s rare to see a true sci fi novel in the indie circuit so it s a nice change of pace to what I m usually picking up for review.To keep it spoiler free The world building is what really drew me into this story All of the life forms described in the story are as real and emotional as people, yet so unique it makes me think of the depth used to create creatures in Star Wars or Avatar Just unlike anything I ve ever re

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    I was deliberately delaying my reading time with this book It looked soo massive But once I started I actually wanted to keep reading so I ended up very happy that the whole story was available to me in one book, however big I enjoyed the characters, sometimes I wantedof the easily followed up details, but this book is for the attentive reader, the reader who wants to discover while reading and not just have things pointed out to them I do not know yet if I will be reading

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