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Light Brights & Darkies Read Light Brights Darkies By Shaida Escoffery Natus Anaya S Long History Of Self Hate Begins To Affect Her Marriage And Family, Causing Her To Reunite With Her Old Friend Zoe, Who Ironically Battles The Same Demon Physically, They Are Vastly Different Internally, They Are The Same Both Anaya And Zoe Must Embark On A Path Of Self Acceptance And Love, Which Leads Them To Question The Lessons They Have Been Taught By Society Stirring, Thought Provoking, And Bold, Light Brights Darkies Explores Society S Obsession With Color.

About the Author: Shaida Escoffery

Shaida Escoffery Born in Brooklyn, NY, to Jamaican parents and raised in Miami, FL, Shaida is the author of Idle, Wild, Love, Light Brights Darkies, and The Children of Eden She is an alumna of the University of Miami and New York University.

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