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Make Me One with Everything Everyone is responsible for creating their own karma and experience Their happiness and suffering doesn t depend on me My happiness and suffering doesn t depend on them I accept them as they are, and bless and release them from all expectations The less full o Really wonderful Accessible and interesting, and made me feel very connected to others I will definitely be re reading this. This is a pearl among today s spiritual books There is Truth and ancient knowledge that you can practice anywhere, written by an American lama and mystic poet that is in his spiritual journey since his youth in a buddhist tradition It reveals and left me with a sense that everything in your way, good or bad, is an opportunity for awakeni This book has so much good information on every page It took me some time to read this because I had to stop and meditate on everything that was presented I definitely plan to re and reread many times. Lama Surya Das has produced an amazing book with Make Me One With Everything by far one of my favorites His words are full of wisdom and compassion Lama Surya introduces deep teachings from ancient Tibetan Buddhism in a style that is very accessible to practitioners of all levels A different look at meditation from Lama Surya Das who teaches in the Dzogchen tradition of Tibetan Buddhism Each chapter explains a different meditation practice with an emphasis on co meditation Many wonderful meditation suggestions are presented. Read Make Me One With Everything Author Lama Surya Das Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk What Did The Dalai Lama Say To The Pizza Guy From Brooklyn Make Me One With Everything It S A Familiar Joke, Muses Lama Surya Das, But It Holds A Profound Truth That In Addition To Inner Peace, Meditation Is A Path For All Inclusive Connection With Make Me One With Everything, He Invites Us To Experience This Expansive Dimension Of The Dharma Through The Art Of Intermeditation If You Ve Ever Felt At One With Something Your Beloved Or Your Child, A Wooded Trail, A Favorite Song Then You Ve Experienced Intermeditation, Teaches Surya Das Based On Tibetan Buddhism S Core Insights Into The Deeply Connected Nature Of Who We Are, Intermeditation Offers Both New And Experienced Meditators A Fresh New Way To Commune With Every Moment On And Off The Cushion In Oneness With Our Partners, Our Family And Friends, Our Enemies, Those In Need Near Or Far, Our Higher Selves, And Nature Itself.

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