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After "I Do " A Marriage Map INDIEBRAG MEDALLION HONOREE Happily Ever After Or Divorce If We Had Conformed To Statistics, My Husband And I Should Have Been Divorced Long Ago It S Beenthan Thirty Years Now, And Our Marriage Is Three Decades Stronger We Beat The Odds I Want To Tell You How We Did That, Because You Can Do It, Too

About the Author: P.J. LaRue

PJ wrote poetry in high school, but she discovered writing children s books and short stories later in life Her writing inspirations are hiking, photography and environmental consciousness, but she links these interests to much larger social issues A person very close to PJ was molested as a child, making PJ passionate about providing child safety tips And, PJ was bullied in the third grade by girls much larger than she, who demanded that PJ give them her lunch or her lunch money As a result, PJ is committed to spreading the word that bullying must be stopped One of PJ s goals is to help educate children, parents and caregivers, in a fun way, using her children s book series, The Mystic Princesses Because PJ loves to travel, the princesses will visit many locales learning about the environmental concerns along the way.PJ has been happily married over 30 years although there are many reasons why her marriage should have failed Some of those factors are that her parents divorced after a long and sometimes abusive relationship, that her father is an alcoholic now sober for many years , and that she married at a very young age She broke the domestic abuse cycle by marrying a kind and supportive man After receiving encouragement from friends, she decided to write After I Do A Marriage Map a short advice book filled with anecdotes from her own marriage The After I Do tab hasinformation about PJ s childhood and marriage.Honors Awards The Mystic Princesses and the Whirlpool indieBRAG Medallion January 2015 Uniquebelievableclever Writers Digest 21st Annual Self Published Book Awards The Prairie Princess Winner of November 2013 www.WritersType.com Flash Fiction contest The Confession of D B Cooper Honorable Mention in Writers Digest Crime Competition

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    After I Do A Marriage Map by P.J LaRue Common sense advice about relationships, from the heart.Before I write the review I must confess something I m not married and I m not in a relationship at the moment I m not sure if that qualifies meor disqualifies me completely from writing

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    I purchased my copy of this book directly from the author because I wanted a signed copy I did not get it for free and so does not cloud my objectivity.There are a great many books out there giving advice on what to do before you get married, how to keep your sex marriage alive, what to

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    This is a quick little read I, mistakenly, thought it was a short story It is really a bunch of marriage advice from the author from her personal experience While these tips are interesting, I am sure great for couples, as a single I did not get as much out of the read I kind of hoped forof the

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    GOOD THINGS COME IN SMALL PACKAGES We re all heard of the For Dummies series of books, so naturally you ve guest there s one which deals with marriage and like the others in the series, each one is about 350 pages long The one which deals with marriage has 384 pages.P J LaRue s After I Do A Marriage M

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    After I Do A Marriage Map should be must reading for every newlywed couple It talks about what marriage is really like No, it might not be the fun of the courtship period, but to have a life long partner that you can count on to be there during life s ups and downs is priceless This is one woman s story of h

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    After I Do A Marriage Map was an interesting take on the value of modern day marriages and what makes them work Like the author, I believe in the substance of a solid, strong commitment This book is a wonderful read for adults, especially those who aren t married yet but wish to make that beautiful bond with anothe

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    This book is essentially a common sense map, BUT I think all people getting ready to get married should read it because not everyone will have a chance to get this common sense information in their lives prior to the big day It only took me 30 minutes to read The only thing I would like to have added was adetailed chapter

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    A couple of my slugs married and it didn t work out, if only they d had After I Do by P.J LaRue then maybe it would ve all been very different With 30 years experience, P.J Larue provides some good old common sense from her own personal experiences and little anecdotes to give that extra intimate touch They always say you should

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    After I do is a wonderful book full of insights and stories of a successful marriage In a society where half of all marriages end in divorce, this book is a nice reminder of simple common sense tricks and techniques to survive common pitfalls.

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    Very Inspiring for me Since I ll be getting married next year

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