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A Year in the Life of a Total and Complete Genius (Arthur Bean #1) A Year In The Life Of A Total And Complete Genius Arthur Bean 1 PDF Epub Author Stacey Matson Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Arthur Bean, Soon To Be A Rich And Famous Author, Has Set Two Goals For Himself To Win The School Writing Contest And To Win The Heart Of His Secret Crush, Kennedy But His Life Has Had Some Major Twists And Turns Lately, And The Recent Loss Of His Mother Definitely Complicates Things Arthur Is In Turns Outrageous, Defiant, And Unintentionally Hilarious As We Peek Over His Shoulder At His Reading Journals, Notes From His Long Suffering Teachers, His Offbeat Articles For The School Newspaper Even The Emails He Sends To Writing Partner Kennedy A Year In The Life Of A Total And Complete Genius Is A Fresh And Funny Story About A Boy Whose Bad Luck Can T Dampen His Spirit Or His Love Of Writing.

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    This story is written through letters, emails and journal entries It is humourous, appealing for grades 7 and 8s, and has a deeper story of friendship and loss beneath the surface I enjoyed it very much.

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    Funniest book EVER

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    What an AWESOME book I have never read a book that managed to tell a story entirely in journal entries and emails and letters Not only that, but I really enjoyed reading the story and getting to know the characters I think the plot of the story was very cool, and there were quite a lot of twists If there was ever a sequel to this book, I would buy it

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    This is a great book for middle schoolers who are reluctant readers The book follows a 7th grade boy throughout his whole school year His mom died the summer before school starts He learns to cope with this along with handling his arch nemesis and the girl on which he has a major crush The stor...

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    Read Arthur Beans reading journal RJ , texts, and assignmentsfollow his writing for the school paper and his rehearsals as Romeo, his knitting projects, his daily confrontations with bully Robbie Zack, and he thoughts and feelings about his mother s death For fans of The Fourth Stall.

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    YA writers often fall into a trap when writing in first person POV when the main character is a contemporary teenager They rely on stereotypes to create what, in their minds, is a typical modern teenage voice Stacey Matson did not fall into that trap She manages to create the unique and realistic voice of not only her lead character Arthur Bean, seventh grade boy but also his unr

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    Sooo BORING I had to read this book, but if I didn t it would have been abandon within 30 pages.

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    Fun and heart tugging read I loved the humor and the epistolary style I wished that the character arc felt a little less rushed andheartfelt.

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    More of a 3.5 really Lots of fun and interestingly told.

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    Quite the romp See for details.

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