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Discordia PDF Epub Discordia Author Toniwo Varunahuja.live Discordia,the Roman Goddess Of Discord And Strife, Haunts Battlefields And Delights In Human Bloodshed Discordia Lives In Rapture Comeaux, A Woman Who Is One Breakup From A Nervous Breakdown When Richard Enters Her Life, She Believes Her One True Love Has Finally Come But Through Deceptive Practices Contempt Against Her Heart, Rapture Finds Out That No Man Can Be Redeemed Of His Sins, Except Through Death.Her Wrath Is Relentless And Bitterness For Those Men Who Have Wronged Her In The Past Grows Into Monstrous Proportions She Walks The Earth Much Like The Goddess Of Strive, With Her Head Striking The Heavens Amongst The Onslaught, As Her Mere Presence Makes Men S Pain Heavier Who Will Stop Her Only One Person Knows The Connection Between The Slayings, But Will It Be Told Rapture Is No Longer The Rational, Strong Black WomanShe Once Was, She Is Now Discordia, A Black Female Serial Killer.

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    I couldn t review toniwo s first book without reviewing Discordia I was super excited when I found out she had written another book because I had enjoyed the first one so much I had the pleasure of meeting toniwo at a book signing and she was as colorful as her books This book however, is a far cry from the hilarious stories that inclu

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    RThis was my second time reading this, always a good read, besides the author was so correct when she stated we need to treat each other better Love over everything

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