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Upheavals of Thought Epub Upheavals Of Thought Author Martha C Nussbaum Brazilianportuguesetranslator.us What Is It To Grieve For The Death Of A Parent More Literary And Experiential Than Other Philosopical Works On Emotion, Upheavals Of Thought Will Engage The Reader Who Has Ever Stopped To Ask That Question Emotions Such As Grief, Fear, Anger And Love Seem To Be Alien Forces That Disturb Our Thoughts And Plans Yet They Also Embody Some Of Our Deepest Thoughts About The Importance Of The People We Love, About The Vulnerability Of Our Bodies And Our Plans To Events Beyond Our Control In This Wide Ranging Book, Based On Her Gifford Lectures, Philosopher Martha Nussbaum Draws On Philosophy, Psychology, Anthropology, Music And Literature To Illuminate The Role Emotions Play In Our Thoughts About Important Goals Starting With An Account Of Her Own Mother S Death, She Argues That Emotions Are Intelligent Appraisals Of A World That We Do Not Control, In The Light Of Our Own Most Significant Goals And Plans She Then Investigates The Implications Of This Idea For Normative Issues, Analyzing The Role Of Compassion In Private And Public Reasoning And The Attempts Of Authors Both Philosophical And Literary To Purify Or Reform The Emotion Of Erotic Love Ultimately, She Illuminates The Structure Of Emotions And Argues That Once We Understand The Complex Intelligence Of Emotions We Will Also Have New Reasons To Value Works Of Literature As Sources Of Ethical Education Martha C Nussbaum Is Ernst Freund Distinguished Service Professor Of Law And Ethics, University Of Chicago, Appointed In Law School, Philosophy Department, And Divinity School, And An Associate In Classics A Leading Scholar In Ancient Greek Ethics, Aesthetics And Literature, Her Previous Books Include The Fragility Of Goodness Cambridge, 1986 , Loves S Knowledge Oxford, 1992 , Poetic Justice Beacon Press, 1997 , The Therapy Of Desire Princeton, 1996 , Cultivating Humanity Harvard, 1997 , And Sex And Social Justice Oxford, 1999 Her Reviews Have Appeared In The New York Times, Boston Globe, New York Review Of Books, And New Republic.

About the Author: Martha C. Nussbaum

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Upheavals of Thought book, this is one of the most wanted Martha C. Nussbaum author readers around the world.

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    A long, dense, broad ranging book, grounded in classical Greek thought especially that of the Stoics , with long digressions into exploration of emotion as processed by Proust, Whitman, Mahler, Emily Bronte, and Joyce I know that s going to turn a lot of people off right then and there, and to a certain extent I m not on board, but I know that for a lot of people this will totally be their thing Nussbaum is clearly a profound thinker, with a

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    Have only begun this today Dec 4, 2007 , but Nussbaum s LOVE S KNOWLEDGE was a marvel, so I have high expectations about this one Not that I necessarily agree with her on all points FEBRUARY 11 I ve read it And like it quite much Unfortunately I don t have much time these days to review books in depth This I apologize when I gettime at hand I will return and write one August 7 Argh time flies Re read the last portion a few days ago So I figured it w

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    Pity the poor philosopher If she defines her subject area narrowly enough, she can say something thoroughgoing and profound about the topic But she risks opining about something too small to interest many people And if she takes on something large, then she risks getting lost in the collision between the immensity of the topic and the need for philosophy to define terms and stick to precisely narrow bounds Nussbaum takes on something huge in trying to adva

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    This is one of the most penetrating examinations of the nature of emotions and emotionality published ever I mavel at this philosopher s insight and critical acumen Its a big one, but well worth the read.

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    The emotions could use some better PR They have been blamed for everything from each personal crisis to the insanity that is called this year s election We shrinks have mobilized the troops of rationality and have sharpened the swords of Stoicism, recast as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, to do battle against these pesky, animalistic aliens called feelings But wait calls out a professor of philosophy and the classics, stepping between the battle lines Emotions are suffuse

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    Way too meandering Would have been much better if it were just the intro, chapter 1 and chapter 6.

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    A magnificent book on how storytelling rewires us and why taming our neediness is highly significative for happiness.I consider Martha Nussbaum one of the most compelling philosophers of our time In this book, she examines the nature of the cognitive intelligence and the way we can underline its power and also offers a lucid counterpoint to the idea that our emotions are related to primal impulses which are clearly separated from our cognition Instead, it is argued the fact that thes

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    What a corker Should be essential reading for anyone approaching bereavement It certainly goes a long way towards a strong claim for emotions as a form of intelligence and not an irrational impulse After reading this book I am assessing my emotional state as indicators of my values and responding in an affirmative, yes Naussbaum is right, I feel this way because I value what the object of my emotions is about Similarly I have been through the death of my Father in the recent past and my Mot

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    Western philosophical treatment of emotion from the Greeks, through early Christians, Enlightenment, Romantic authors and musicians, up to Walt Whitman Nussbaum is a law professor who comes at philosophy from a practical viewpoint that assumes some emotions are too explosive to control that s why there is second degree murder as opposed to first degree And what is life without emotion the hollowness of Puritan Christianity Excellent, but scholarly She s hammering out a new kind of philos Weste...

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    This book is a masterpiece of scholarship and clear exposition The early chapters are riveting, as they lay the groundwork for a theory of emotions, which the later chapters build on, test, and then apply to two specific and important emotions, compassion and love Part IV of the book on the ascent of erotic love is just phenomenal, the final two chapters on Walt Whitman and James Joyce providing a staggering climax that I know I ll be ret...

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