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Massacre Massacre Free Download Author John M Merriman Brazilianportuguesetranslator.us One Of The Most Dramatic Chapters In The History Of Nineteenth Century Europe, The Commune Of 1871 Was An Eclectic Revolutionary Experiment That Held Power In Paris Across Eight Weeks Between 18 March And 28 May Its Brief Rule Ended In Bloody Week The Brutal Massacre Of As Many As 15,000 Parisians, And Perhaps Even , Who Perished At The Hands Of The Provisional Government S Forces By Then, The City S Boulevards Had Been Torched And Its Monuments Toppled More Than 40,000 Parisians Were Investigated, Imprisoned Or Forced Into Exile A Purging Of Parisian Society By A Conservative National Government Whose Supporters Were Considerably Horrified By A Pile Of Rubble Than The Many Deaths Of The Resisters.In This Gripping Narrative, John Merriman Explores The Radical And Revolutionary Roots Of The Commune, Painting Vivid Portraits Of The Communards The Ordinary Workers, Famous Artists And Extraordinary Fire Starting Women And Their Daily Lives Behind The Barricades, And Examining The Ramifications Of The Commune On The Role Of The State And Sovereignty In France And Modern Europe Enthralling, Evocative And Deeply Moving, This Narrative Account Offers A Full Picture Of A Defining Moment In The Evolution Of State Terror And Popular Resistance.

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    This year, I made the decision that all the non fiction I would read would be about two events, separated by a century but bonded in the blood the Paris Commune of 1871 and the revolts that spread across France in May of 1968 Both are events that have had a gigantic place in my revolutionary imagination and have influenced my political development and my vision of a bett

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    This was a hard one for me to get through I have only the vaguest concept of the topography of Paris and so the rapid fire recitation of names of various buildings, locations etc became a blur one almost needs a tourist guide book or map to keep some sort of focus unless you are familiar with the city and environs I also have no knowledge of the French language which would ha

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    I was actually looking for something that delved into the mindset of the Communards when I picked this book of the library shelf Although not originally what I was looking for, this book provided a practical hour by hour, day by day, blow by blow account of the rise and fall of the Paris Commune Merriman provides a broad, balanced, beginning to end, account of the Commune, its cau

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    A sobering chronicle of the working class Paris Commune uprising and brutal crackdown by bourgeois state violence The focus on the violent demise makes this book a hard read My blood was boiling, I had no idea how gruesome the crackdown of the commune had been If there is any shortfall to the book, it is perhaps the lack of context how the collective actions of the Commune, which was n

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    I was able to use this book to design a bit earlier andbrief similar uprising predicated on the French fighting Prussia to a stalemate and not losing so badly, with British help So, as research for my forthcoming alternate history novel Look Away , about a different ending for t...

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    Merriman s succinct history focuses on the defence of Paris during the fateful weeks Mini biographies of participants, both working class and the bourgeoisie, breathe life into the narrative The commune that emerges from the account is much less the ideal that some socialists have made it in hindsight Yet, I d recommend Donny Gluckstein s book for those interested in the running of the commune s

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    Lots and lots and lots of leaves but weak on the trees and a harndkly any discussion of the forest The author assuming the reader has memorized the street map of Paris which is not provided in the book the...

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    Hardly a dispassionate history, but it shouldn t be not with a subject like this Merriman s pro Communard bias is obvious, but since I share it, I can t complain It is a gripping read My only criticisms are that the book is full of typos and it neededand better illustration.

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    I don t really know how to rate non fiction books.

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    Merriman, in this detailed history of the rise and fall of the Paris Commune, argued that the history of the Paris Commune, which the left celebrates as a moment of possibility of direct socialist democracy, instead should be looked at for the massacres by the conquering Versailles troops The decision of the conservative troops, composed of mainly peasant, to kill as many Communards as possi...

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