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Edward II PDF Edward II Author Kathryn Warner Tanitiyor.us He Is One Of The Most Reviled English Kings In History He Drove His Kingdom To The Brink Of Civil War A Dozen Times In Less Than Twenty Years He Allowed His Male Lovers To Rule The Kingdom He Led A Great Army To The Most Ignominious Military Defeat In English History His Wife Took A Lover And Invaded His Kingdom, And He Ended His Reign Wandering Around Wales With A Handful Of Followers, Pursued By An Army He Was The First King Of England Forced To Abdicate His Throne Popular Legend Has It That He Died Screaming Impaled On A Red Hot Poker, But In Fact The Time And Place Of His Death Are Shrouded In Mystery His Life Reads Like An Elizabethan Tragedy, Full Of Passionate Doomed Love, Bloody Revenge, Jealousy, Hatred, Vindictiveness And Obsession He Was Edward II, And This Book Tells His Story The Focus Here Is On His Relationships With His Male Favourites And His Disaffected Wife, On His Unorthodox Lifestyle And Hobbies, And On The Mystery Surrounding His Death Using Almost Exclusively Fourteenth Century Sources And Edward S Own Letters And Speeches Wherever Possible, Kathryn Warner Strips Away The Myths Which Have Been Created About Him Over The Centuries, And Provides A Far Accurate And Vivid Picture Of Him Than Has Previously Been Seen.

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    I really, really enjoyed this book This book takes on a big task the huge personality of Edward II, the countless myths about him and his reign, and even his mysterious afterlife Kathryn Warner s work is carefully researched, and passionate

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    FROM THE AUTHOR Posted 11 Jul 2014 10 15 AM PDT I m very pleased and proud to announce that my book Edward II The Unconventional King will be published on 28 October It s with Amberley Publishing, is 336 pages long and will include a foreword by Ian

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    Edward II was probably born into the wrong family He wasn t particularly interested in the appropriate pursuits for a nobleman much less the heir to the throne of England and was ill suited to leadership uninterested and easily led and unmotivated except when

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    Edward II was a deeply flawed king In her book Edward II The Unconventional King, Kathryn Warner doesn t attempt to hide that fact However, she also uses meticulous research to debunk myriad myths about Edward II, including the malarkey that he was killed via a hot poke

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    I had mentioned in another review that I know very little about Edward II or his reign, except for the obvious, that he was homosexual And that I wanted to learnabout this time period, and this king I get the feeling after having read this book, that not a lot of documentation re

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    This book presents an honest portrait of a man, who became king almost by accident, who never wanted to be a king and who never became a king, at least in an conventional sense.Edward II was a man to whom personal loyalty became before the realm, who liked to joke and have some parties, wh

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    A very enjoyable biography Warner s enthusiasm for her subject shines through, turning what could have been a dry as dust academic tome into a page turning appreciation of one of England s most controversial kings Yet this is a work of scholarship, too Warner s research ...

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    A book that is rathersuccessful than it s subject balanced and very well evidenced portrait of an inept but not evil king and the strange mystery of whether he died not yep the red hot poker up the bum story is ...

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    What an excellent biography I discovered this book as I was searching for information on Edward s queen Isabella, after reading a rather one sided biography of her It is always maddening when an historian begins writing a biography with an agenda That is to say they use the sources to tell the story they want told, rat

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    Source Free pdf from Amberley in exchange for a review.Edward Caernarfon was born on April 25, 1284, at Caernarfon Castle in Wales.He died September 20 or 21, 1327, at Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire, England.Summary Edward II is hedged between two other kings named Edward who had legacies of power and popularity Edward II s le

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