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Ty the Bull Reading Ty The Bull Author Brenda Perlin Bystricepodhostynem.eu Everything Seemed To Fall Apart For Ty When His Parents Got A Divorce At His Wits End After Being Bullied Endlessly, He Started To Ditch School It Wasn T Until He Met Up With A Skater Named Peacock That Things Somehow Turned Around And He Put The Pieces Of His Life Back Together. This is a story told in the voice of an endearingly sensitive, lonely eleven year old boy We find him at a particularly painful period of his life, immediately after his parent s divorce, when things in school turn ugly for him Named after a dinosaur, one that could take out an enemy with one swipe of his paw, or claw, of hoof, or whatever its feet were called, Ty feels as if he falls short of expectations To be honest with you, I don t feel like a gigantic and ferocious beast of any kind Gabe, the ring leader of the bullies at school, taunts Ty, calling him, girlie boy till Ty sees no other choice but to tackle him to the ground, an act that taken out of context ends up convincing the teachers that he is the bully, instead of a victim It made me miss my old life even than ever back when thongs were carefree Ty feels the sting of betrayal from his so called friends Even guys who act like my friends will turn on me when I least expect it It makes me feel like keeping to myself The worst part is feeling trapped in the situation It just gets me down, and I feel like crawling into a hole, or running away, but where am I going to go In his family there is no one Although this was a book for children, I identified so much with Ty I myself spent my childhood being bullied, not quite in the same way as Ty but for being intelligent It was because of this that I enjoyed seeing how Ty overcame not just his bully, Gabe, but all the people who This review is taken from my blog at nicolestoreyauthor.com.As the mother of a child with autism and Tourette s, I understand bullying at least from a parent s point of view I also know that bullying is not just a school age problem that mends itself with time It is an epidemic, and can be a deadly one I was bullied in school as many others were Back then, we were told to stand up for ourselves Most bullies are insecure and will stop if they are put in their place Today, the rules in school aren t put there to protect the innocent, but to make sure no one has their toes stepped on In other words, the school rules today protect the ones causing the trouble The ones who are bullied are left to handle it on their own I hear people ask, Why do bullies get away with what they do The simple answer is because they can.This book brought back a lot of painful memories where my son is concerned His bullying began in middle school and it took the anger of a mother lion and what seemed like an act of congress to make it stop There were things I liked about Ty the Bull and some that were a bit iffy for me.What I liked 1 Characters I love Ty His voice in the book is one that will reach other kids with similar problems He go Ty has a real problem, he s being bullied and no one seem to understand him His mom doesn t pay him much mind and his dad isn t really in the picture His best friend turned his back on Ty because of the bully and no one is school understands him or talks to him.The bully Gabe played a nasty trick on him by turning the table and saying that it was Ty bullying him This leaves Ty feeling desolate and misunderstood, the ramifications of which leads Ty to a playground where he meets an unexpected individual who inadvertently shows him how to deal with bullies.PROS The story is well written and easy to follow, as it should be for the targeted age group Ty is a character that any kid can relate to This is a great story that can help kids realistically deal with bullying It gives a true to life experience on bullying and I think it can be used as a grate tool for kids that are really going through this I enjoyed the images that were in the story, because they we The issue of bullying is very close to my heart When I was growing up, I was a victim of bullying I was close to the age of the main character in this book.However, the nature of bullying has changed throughout the years When I was being harassed, the teachers would step in relatively quickly and eventually the harassment would decrease if enough authority figures were involved.In this current day and age, it isn t the case Technology makes it easier for kids to be harassed There aren t enough eyes everywhere and in some situations, the bully gets believed than the victim.That s the scenario that happened with Ty and Gabe the bully Although Ty was attempting to defend himself, Gabe used that experience as arsenal to turn the tables on Ty This caused Ty to become isolated and he struggles to deal with everyday life.The thing I appreciate about this work is its realism There is no tidy happily ever after but the outcome is conveyed in a very believable way It shows that the best defense is to be a bit unpredictable and do the opposite of what others expect Through his budding friendship with an older kid, Ty adopts a new method of handling the problem with Ty the Bull by Brenda Perlin, K.D Emerson, and Rex Baughman who also illustrated is a wonderful and inspirational children s book that will touch the hearts of not only children, but adults as well.My children are older and I normally do not read children s books, but the name of the book really caught my attention I loved everything about the story and it took me back to my own childhood Not that I was bullied, but I was a child of divorce and I remember the feelings that children have going through that Ty also finds himself in some situational misunderstandings, and I completely remember being a kid and trying to do what I thought was the right thing, only to have it backfire.Not only was Ty believable, but the story was so realistic that I think any kid can relate to it I just wanted to hug Ty and help him I loved that the It s time to get real about bullying, and Ty the Bull does it with honesty, humor, and style Based on the real life experiences of a real eleven year old boy who is dealing with the real issues of being bullied and his parents divorce, Ty the Bull is a book for all ages If you have a child, or know a child, this is a book that should be in your home library I read it to my son, and it s a great way to start talking to a child about their feelings, if they feel like they re being picked on, or if they feel like they re being ignored.In this book, Ty is bullied by a big kid named Gabe His parents are divorced, and he feels he is all alone to deal with his unhappy life It seems even his teacher is against him Then he meets an older kid at the skate park named Peacock, and this guy gives him some invaluable tips about how to deal with bullies without resorting to verbal or physical violence I received the book from the author for an honest review.An extraordinary short book that is to the point.The story itself is written with so much love and compassion, the subject very dear to us all Bullying, sadly to say rises all the in our schools and children don t often have the voice to speak up But this book, not only highlights the serious topic but shows you how to cope in the midst of the calamity that children face A must read for young and old, children and parents, teachers and those in authoritative positions We cannot neglect the small voice of a child that is suffering under this pressure We need to be vigilant and wise to see the need, the pain and loneliness of such a child making sure that we can and will protect every child from any harm The emotional scaring from such an ordeal can effect a person till long after his her school years Lets be like Peacock, and show them how to defend themselves.I give this book 5 Stars, for content, for originality, Ty the Bull Perlin, Brenda Emerson, K.D Baughman, Rex 2014 07 04.Blossoming Press Kindle Edition.Editing by Arlene R O Neil Illustrations by Rex Baughman Cover design by Danielle DrakeAs an author and editor, reading a book often comes with a lot of noise in my head I m distracted by grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors, to name a few Ty the Bull has none of these, as it is very well written in every way However, even if it did, there would be nothing in my head but this story.I too was bullied mercilessly by a kid much bigger than I In this story, Ty faces all of the challenges I had to endure, and anyone else who has been bullied today, faces Ty begins to feel as if he will never shake his bully, until a chance encounter at a skateboard park, shows him the way to keep his adversary off balance I leave it to you to find out how, and I promise, you will enjoy this tale enormously.Parents, get this book for

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Brenda Perlin lives in Orange County, California She spent most of her working life in the physical fitness arena She loves the gratification that comes with helping people achieve their fitness goals and the fulfillment that comes with having a healthy body She moved from the Los Angeles area where she was raised to Orange County in the Spring of 2005 During that time she was a housewife with

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