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Thimblerigs Ark You Know About Noah, But What About The Animals Thimblerig Is A Little Groundhog With Big Problems He S A Loner Con Artist Who S Losing His Mojo The Wild Dogs Who Run The Forest Harass Him At Every Turn He S Started Having Vivid Nightmares Of Apocalyptic Floods And Worst Of All He Believes He Sees Unicorns When Everyone Knows Unicorns Are Only The Stuff Of Legend But What One Animal Calls Problems, Thimblerig Calls Opportunity His Problems Inspire Him To Come Up With The Ultimate Con Convincing A Group Of Gullible Animals That A World Ending Flood Is Coming, That The Fabled Unicorns Have Told Him Where The Only Safe Place Will Be, And That Only He Can Lead Them To Safety And All For A Reasonable Price, Of Course But When The Flood Really Does Come, Thimblerig Has A Choice To Make Either He Really Does Save The Ones Who Have Trusted Him, Or He Loses Everything And He Discovers That His Problems Have Only Just Begun.

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    An engaging, fresh take on an old storyI honestly started the book groaning after the prolouge unicorns, really But, like a good reader, I accepted the author created world and gave the story a fair shot It really wasn t that predictable, much to my

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    Thimblerig s Ark You already know about Noah Just wait until you read the animal s story.Thimblerig is a little groundhog with big problems He s a loner con artist who s losing his mojo the wild dogs who run the forest harass him at every turn he s having viv

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    How many of you remember The Lion King Well, imagine that crossed with the story of the great flood and you have Thimblerig s Ark.Thimblerig is a lowly groundhog His entire existence is one con after the next He is constantly skating through life by the skin of his tee

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    This was an enjoyable little read Nate has done a good job for a first novel self published at that of creating a very interesting and creative world very Narnia esk in its symbolism and imagery It is the story of Thimblerig, the con artist groundhog, and his self absorbed maste

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    This had been on my currently reading shelf for quite a while, but once I wrangled our one copy away from my son and had some free time, I finished in two days I appreciated the new take on the old story The book had just the right balance of what will happen next and comfort with the fam

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    Marvelous story Part Children s Bible, part Brian Jacques epic Fleming pulls it off masterfully Thimblerig is a great character, too much in the business of hoodwinking others to very much trust anyone besides himself and even that can be difficult in the face of the impossible Fleming has essentia

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    I thoroughly enjoyed Thimblerig s Ark This is a story of the ark told through the eyes of some of the animals involved A shady groundhog finds faith The storyline was fun, had quite a bit of humor and I loved the writing style I give it four stars I really liked it Great ...

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    I really enjoyed the fantasy element to this story, and the new twist it gave on the flood story I really appreciated that there were some twists and unexpected surprises There was no way for me to guess what would happen next I look forward to the sequel

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    How Now Brown HedgehogFrom the start Thimblerig is a hedgehog to admire, first for his honest appraisal of himself as a con, but as his story progresses, as a skeptic learning to trust others A multitude of characters are introduced along the way, none of which are human Yet each animal represents various aspects of an approach

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    I won this novel in a goodreads drawing.An anthropomorphic groundhog con man, starts having hallucinations about unicorns telling him to build an ark.The groundhog thinks it is all just a con, but it turns out to be far .An entertaining Christian allegory.

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