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More Than Anything Arriving Home After Work One Evening, J Rgen Sees A Young Man Who Looks Adrift And Out Of Place And Who Promptly Has A Seizure On The Sidewalk J Rgen Takes Care Of Him Until The Seizure Passes And Then, Not Knowing Who To Contact, Takes Care Of Him For The Night After Giving The Kid, Geir, A Ride Home The Next Morning, He Expects That To Be The End Of ItHe Doesn T Expect Geir To Be A Student At The Vocational School Where J Rgen Works As An Electrician He Definitely Does Not Expect To Be Drawn To Geir Time And Again, To Want Things That Will Never Be Possible For Two People With Obstacles Between Them Than Can Ever Be Overcome

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    This is a slow sweet story about J rgen, a young man so damaged by abuse as a child that he has no hope for a future without isolation, and Geir, a teenager just turning 17 at the start of the book with epilepsy Both men have challenges and feel realistic both want a relationship but see themselves as flawed Of the two, J rgen s path is by far the harder one.I loved the Norwegian setting, the ver

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    I mostly read fiction to forget about real life for a while But every now and then I come across books that arereal than the fiction they are labelled as This was one such book.Talk about heart breaking Not just one but two guys that will leave you crushed Geir really got to me His loneliness struck a cord and the bullying he suffered through brought back a few unpleasant memories The scene with C

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    Review in book 2

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I started a very serious review for this book last nightthen my laptop died and won t reboot So yeah today s review is going to be lazy and not very insightful I liked this book for a couple of reasons No love conquers all theme Yes the two do fall in love, they do decide to work on their issues because they would like t

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    4.5 stars.This was a first for me by this author I truly enjoyed this book I was taken aback by some things, but I have to remember that there are rules outside North American LOL.I didn t know how I would feel about a 16 yr old being in a relationship with a 22 yr old, but T.T surely wrote it beautifully Geir was so amazing, all he wanted was a mate I found myself tearing up whenever he would taking

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    I m in love by Jorgen and Geir What a great story, it s great to see how Jorgen let Geir into his life and how he worked to get over his issues so they could have a chance of being together Loved it

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    Love me in your arms You were my shelter from the stormyou were right there all along I never knew a love like this before, Oh I just want to say that I love youthan anything Lamar CampbellEveryone has burdens to bear, but J rgen s, of More Than Anything by TT Kove, are heavier than most J rgen was abused as a child, both emotionally and sexually, at the hands of his uncle and his mother It s left him

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    All I wanted was a friend I d give anything to have just onefriend. I loved this book It sucked me in from that very first page and I had a hard time putting it down Before I knew it I had finished it all in one sweep And I couldn t be happier I love these two guys to bits My heart aches and breaks for them, but seeing them together also brings a lot of joy and hope.One lonely boy suffering from epileps

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    4.5 star review by LilyOne evening 22 year old Jorgen finds a young male outside his home who appears to be out of sorts and soon realizes the young male is actually having a seizure After the seizure, the young male needed some care so Jorgen had to go through the young man s backpack to find out who he was but was unable to reach any family member As the young man is not well, it was Jorgen who cared f

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    Man, I needed a lot of tissues for this one The abuse Jorgen suffered was some of the worst I ve read about and thankfully we didn t get all the dirty details Take poor Geir with his epilepsy that s had him bullied his whole life paired with the abused Jorgen and you re just asking for some painful reading It was so slow burning that I don t know if burning would really be the correct word here We re talk

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